Labor vs. Capital: Dodgeball style

Last Friday was the Labor vs. Capital 1st Annual Dodgeball tournament put together by Hunter Walk and David Hornik. It was entrepreneurs vs. VC's but this time the entrepreneurs dished out the terms. Labor took home the trophies in the end but Capital put up a valiant fight playing like they were trying to retain two board seats. Michael Bazeley from the Mercury News was there to vidblog the affair (embedded below or here if viewing in a feedreader). Yours truly appears at the 4 minute mark playing it straight. Thanks for a fun time guys.


Hunter said…
ack, my secret identity is blown - at 1:06 it shows me becoming The Masked Entrepreneur!
Dave said…
can't believe i missed this epic event.

however, disproving hornik's commentary, there are *other* small VCs around:

hope to make it next year,

- dmc
Kyle said…
That is awesome!!! Where did you guys play at?
Greg said…
"113% !!! that's what it takes to win" - this is better advice than "The Secret" - thanks for sharing! too funny!

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