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The easiest way to avoid posting to your blog...

Is to convince yourself that your next post should be an audio/video slideshow with narration, that way nothing will get accomplished and it will be a major blogjam for other posts. On the other hand, I could also convince myself that I don't need to do that at all.PS: Perhaps I missed it but are there any such web apps that allow you to do this easily?

Talk talk

Image I'm back from vacation and it turns out I didn't have more time to blog. Pity that, however I'll do a break wrap-up post soon. Meanwhile, I was asked to be on the Heather Gold Show tonight to talk about partnerships (business, marriage and otherwise). The show is available in video/audio podcast form suggesting that it's not live unless you are there in the studio audience. Feel like being part of the studio audience? Come down tonight at 8PM to the JCCSF. More details at If you can't make it I'll post a link when the show is available for download.

Thoughts on Music by Steve Jobs

Hell yes! I have been privately lobbying a few major labels about this for a few years and they act like I have two heads. I would love to think this is possible.

YouTube - Barenaked Ladies - Sound of Your Voice

Featuring some familiar YouTubers.