We cannot eat aminals!

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Drew (age 4) is my oldest son. He is, perhaps, smarter than I am. The other night over dinner he educated me on what we should and shouldn't eat so I did a recap at bedtime with him in this podcast. It should also be noted by his mother, Allison, that he does not eat chicken nuggets 'almost every day' as implied by me. My mistake. In any case, I have two conclusions:

  1. I believe PETA would have mixed feelings about this recording.
  2. I am in for some serious trouble. Drew is very persuasive. I am gearing up for adding more tofu than normal to my diet.


Jason Lancaster said…
That ending is pretty funny. I hope when I have kids they perpetually think I'm 21!
steve said…
21. nice.

hoping to dial-in to your big vegi-speech at work.
Matt Keever said…
Ahh...the wisdom of a four year old.

Very funny!
Anonymous said…
Your son, all of four years old, must intuitively know what happens to meat before it arrives on the plate!

Pretty awful, but that doesn't stop some people from eating it, including me.

Sometimes, you come face to face with your dinner before eating it.

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