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First version of Digg cost $200?!

Audio file of Kevin Rose from Future of Web Apps summit talking about using Elance to find a developer for Digg.

JotSpot acquired by Google

Welcome aboard former Jotters!

Last minute costume idea: Super Annoying

Our couples costume idea fell apart days before my brother's Halloween party. What to do? I decided to go as a super hero that everyone would dislike Super Annoying. You really have to sell it with the attitude and catch phrases. I spent most of the evening saying 'NOT!' or 'Who let the dogs out?', or the good old 'Faced! Moded!' in response to any conversation. Additionally I asked guests how much they make, what they got on the SAT, etc. It went over well. My costume was an iron on of the Super Annoying logo you see here, with 3/4 length bike pants and some black makeup in super hero mask form. I've provided the iron on below. You need to print it on some T-Shirt Transfer paper on an inkjet printer and print in 'Mirror' or 'Flip Horizontal'. Enjoy! NOT!Download the iron on transfer artwork for Super Annoying in PDF form.A few action shots of Super Annoying.

Masters of the Obvious

My buddies over at Odeo/Twitter did a tricky thing and bought their own creation out from their investors in an effort to get more agile. More importantly they are fostering a new and better platform for successful products. To me, that's more important than the rest of noise about their commercial successes or failures on the product side. Everything is a platform play these days, even the structure of the company. I predictknow good things will come from the new Obvious Corp.

We cannot eat aminals!

powered by ODEODrew (age 4) is my oldest son. He is, perhaps, smarter than I am. The other night over dinner he educated me on what we should and shouldn't eat so I did a recap at bedtime with him in this podcast. It should also be noted by his mother, Allison, that he does not eat chicken nuggets 'almost every day' as implied by me. My mistake. In any case, I have two conclusions:I believe PETA would have mixed feelings about this recording. I am in for some serious trouble. Drew is very persuasive. I am gearing up for adding more tofu than normal to my diet.

List of Canadian comedians

Comedians: Canada's finest export

GE Monogram® 30" Built-In Single Wall Oven with Trivection® Technology

Turns out 30 Rock wasn't really kidding about the Trivection Oven after all.

Welcome to Google, YouTube!