What I've learned from walking up Madison and down 5th Avenue

In New York, don't bother buying a BMW unless it's a 7-series. 3's and 5's are apparently for chumps.

Between that and the $350 fine for honking in an intersection - I know I could never live here. God invented horns for a reason people, he intended for you to use them.


Dean Collins said…
Yeh of course what else is there apart from 7 series...but can you afford to park it?

The monthly reserved spot price in my UES building at the moment is $1190 per month inc NY parking tax.

From what I've noticed the cheapest on the UES is about $450 if you want a non reserved (in other words the valet gets to bump your car in and out of a spot 4 times a day and bang out his favourite tunes while doing so).

At that price, the lease on a 5 series doesn't come into it - so yeh why not a 7.

Anonymous said…
when you'v got space...you can fill in anything!!
Dee said…
Thanks! just bought a 520i SE but then I live in the UK...

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