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Doug Bowman joins Google full time

Doug is part of the secret sauce behind the Blogger redesign and the excellent Google Calendar, so having his full attention should bode well for Google.

Picasa for Linux

The Picasa you know and love - for Linux. Of course now I'm dying for a Picasa for Mac version.

Calacanis knows his sushi and more

I just had a fun lunch with Jason Calacanis. Jason and I seem to only get together when we are on the conference circuit (ok, every once in a while he pops by Mountain View). He's a smart and fun guy to have lunch with since his mind is always going and he knows the ad and content market really well. I know he tends to have some vocal critics from time to time, but he usually knows what he's talking about and it's usually because he's calling someone out. Turns out he hasn't been doing karate for a while so maybe I can still take him if we ever truly disagree. If you are in the content business keep your eye out for Calacanis or he just might be looking at you in the rear-view mirror. Jason, best of luck at AOL.

What I've learned from walking up Madison and down 5th Avenue

In New York, don't bother buying a BMW unless it's a 7-series. 3's and 5's are apparently for chumps.

Between that and the $350 fine for honking in an intersection - I know I could never live here. God invented horns for a reason people, he intended for you to use them.

O trusty Treo how I miss thee

Treo perhaps it was not meant to be
My new Blackberry delivers mail far more reliably
I do pine for the Treo 700p
Sprint do your magic and release it thusly

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In the interest of full disclosure

Howdy sports fans - I have some non-scandalous confessions and disclosures to make. I hope this post won't get too long but when you are weeks behind in posting then there's nothing like a lightning round post like this one. First up, the geeky stuff:I accepted an offer to join the RSS Advisory Board two weeks ago. I know what you are asking yourselves, 'Can I get a Friends and Family discount on angle brackets and rel tags?' Some of you might find my joining the board as odd since I'm one of the core folks to start the Atom initiative. However, Atom was originally started to help foster a universal publishing protocol in addition to it's better known feed format. I'm very proud of both and see a future where RSS is improved as a result of Atom.As a decidedly pro-Atom member of the board, I should mention that I designed (and pay the bandwidth bill) for I also designed the Atom logo and the associated buttons and badges currently appearing …

New Mac TV ads

Great new ads starring Justin Long from Dodgeball and Ed fame.