Jul 29, 2005

PT Cruiser Woody Men’s 3-Speed

Cool, though weird that it uses the PT Cruiser brand. [via Dad]

BDN: Two Minor Updates

Blogger now has draft mode in the API! Such a big deal to a geek like me.

Jul 28, 2005

To all the girls I've blogged before

This post is for the ladies, particularly the women attending the BlogHer conference this weekend. Sadly, I will not be attending this event - not just because I don't have the recommended body parts for attending. I was assured by event organizers that my kind would be tolerated at said event, however I have given my ticket to a Blogger team member who bears a much more striking resemblence to a 'her' than I. I'm sure Christine will be able to represent us in an appropriately Bloggerific fashion. It's cool, as I will be spending time with my better half, a true blogher if there ever was one.

Clearly, by using the terms girls, ladies and better half in the span of one blog post - I probably shouldn't have been allowed to purchase a BlogHer ticket in the first place.

'Email is for old folks'

danah boyd has been telling me this for over a year. The kids love their IM!

Jul 27, 2005

New name for 'war on terror'

In my opinion 'Operation Happy Funtime Shoot-em Up' is in poor taste. [via dack.com]

Jul 25, 2005

Amazon No Longer the Role Model for E-Commerce Design

Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox discects some recent Amazon.com design changes.

Jul 22, 2005

AIM Fight

It was a close one but I must tip my hat to Anil and anyone in Google PR.

Jul 21, 2005

It should be noted...

...that AdSense for Feeds specific Terms and Conditions, as previously discussed on this blog, have been removed entirely from the AFF sign-up page. Publishers still need to adhere to the normal AdSense T's and C's, of course.

For those of you who normally come to this site expecting pictures of babies, I apologize for this post.

Jul 18, 2005

Bush tried to aid Iraqi parties

Clearly this administration would have to produce a televised special with Jessica Simpson and Donald Trump singing and firing people with the intent of convincing the American people that they DID in fact mislead them before they would be removed from office.

How To Build Community

Good advice from a poster in Santa Cruz.

Jul 16, 2005

Change of Course

Wherein Aaron Swartz stops being a silly blogger and begins adhering to the rigid ethical standards of major media journalists.

Jul 12, 2005

Karl Rove must go

Please petition the White House to ditch traitor Karl Rove.

Jul 11, 2005

Paul's Personalized Google News, ca. 2031

I like that the personalized content includes quotes from the reader.

Jul 8, 2005

Otterbox waterproof iPod Shuffle case

Only $29 for a case you can use to swim with your Shuffle.

Atom: The Standard in Syndication

Robert Sayre breaks it down.

Jul 7, 2005

The Scrolling Belt Buckle

I'm trying to think of a good reason NOT to order one.

Google Toolbar for Firefox

Woot! Go to More under Options and check BlogThis! if you are a Blogger user.

John Davison's 1UP Blog: What's The Big Idea?

My favorite quote: 'It's not the game, it's the parents, and Halo 2 proves it.' It's true!

Jul 6, 2005

Motorola RAZRBerry?

Shhh! Don't tell my Treo, but I might be in love.

Jul 1, 2005

Lance peddles podcasts

Available via Sirius and the audio feed uses Feedburner.

Online dating? Thin, rich works here too

Hal Varian on the world of online dating.