Taking a couple of days on

Yes on. Sure I'm not going into the office but doing chores I have been dodging for months doesn't really seem like I'm taking a day off. I'm just taking my day elsewhere. Since I embarked on the Reader project I haven't had a vacation so I'm treating myself to a trip to the pumpkin patch tomorrow with Drew's preschool class. Drew is pretty pumped about Halloween in general and we had a brief chat about it before he went to bed. You can listen to our chat on Odeo.


Laptop Nomad said…
Hey, I just want mention that I'm getting used to the Reader very quickly.

The speed issues seem to have been resolved, and if I sort by date, it's pretty much perfect for my needs. Very cool.
kimbalina said…
Drew! Have fun at the pumpking patch little robot. =)
Anonymous said…
That's very nice!

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