The Morning Drive

Grant and I have been commuting in to work together and have decided to inflict audio pain on our friends and readers in the form of a podcast. Enticing, no? Let us know what you think about The Morning Drive. Of course you can listen to this via Odeo, iTunes or even Google Reader.


Anonymous said…
Hi, I wrote an impression in Odeo.
"Reader" is very useful, thank you!
Emir said…
You guys should definitely do smth on the availability of your contact iformation - I couldn't get your email anywhere!
anyway, i have a small question: for a couple of months i've been working on the and i love blogspot and wouldnt leave you guys for anything. all i would really like to do is change the blog adress to
but, as you might have seen, this adress is already taken. now that guy hasnt updated the blog for more then 3 years now, so is it possible to delete his blog?
keep on the good work and hope to hear from you.

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