Drew is 3 today!

That crazed look in his eyes signals that he realizes his parents are just the kind of nutballs who would put candles in a donut at breakfast. Get used to it kid, we are your parents and we *are* crazy.


Mike said…
Happy Birthday Drew! We're proud that you're becoming accustomed to your quirky parents!

love, Mike and Kandice
willo said…
did he say "mmmmmm..... donuts....."

that is SO fun :) what a lucky little guy. happy birthday drew! triple the fun!
Derek Baird said…
Great picture. Love that expression on his face.

You can almost read his mind: "Wait! Let me get this straight. I get a donut for breakfast, a birthday party (cake!), AND presents? Birthdays rock! Wait till I give Miles the 411 on this deal........."

Hope it was happy!

Bernardo said…
Happy birthday, Drew!

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