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Hollywood seeks iTunes for film

With Apple's recent foray into playing trailers in iTunes, I think iTunes would like a chance to be the iTunes of film.

The Worlds's Ugliest Car - Restored

Ugly but advanced for it's time. I bet it had cup holders. [via Mefi]

Since U Been Gone Annual Report from Clarkson Industries

Merlin Mann and Matt Haughey lose marbles, fake PowerPoint.

Quake strikes off Indonesia coast

I hope this time around a tsunami early warning system is in place.

Lions Gate Directors - David Duchovny

New Blogger blog from David Duchovny.

HP to acquire Snapfish photo service

Webshots and now Snapfish set a new trend in the photo space: Sell your company twice. Double-prints anyone?

Cable Yo Yo

I like the idea, but I need about 20 of them.

Yahoo actually does acquire Flickr

Congratulations to Stewart, Caterina and the whole Ludicrew!

Google X

An alternate Google interface that pays homage to Apple OS X from Google Labs.

Party party

How about some last minute notice for a party in Austin, TX? Blogger Buzz: Blogger Party at Club DeVille on Monday. You have 3 hours and 15 minutes to prepare. See you there. Now go, some of you have planes to catch if you are to make it here on time.

Female bloggers pitch 'Bloghercon' to gain visibility

I for one welcome our new female overlords.

Blogger Buzz

Wherein we on the Blogger team actually maintain a blog... again.

Torvalds switches to a Mac

Now Apple just needs to get Lindsay Lohan to switch and we'll have the whole spectrum covered - geek to starlet.

U.N. 'explodes' American kids

Broadcasters not showing graphic ad depicting soccer children blown apart.

Non Sequitur

The journalism vs. blogging debate hits the funny pages.

Google Desktop Search 1.0

Now out of beta GDS supports Firefox, Netscape and many more file types. The kicker is the open plug-ins and Desktop SDK.

evhead: Apple Addiction

Sadly, this feels familiar. Ev's in it to win it though.

Huh Corp.

They do stuff.


Synchronize your iTunes libraries across different machines. PC and Mac versions.

The Cadillac of Soda Fountains

Twenty soda flavors plus Horchata. Now that's freedom.

Stern via radioShark

The other day Taylor asked me a good question that I've been meaning to pose here for a while. He asked, 'Is there anywhere you can go to download the Howard Stern broadcast via mp3?' It's a good question, and anyone that owns a Griffin radioShark can use it to record from 6am to 10am daily in mp3 format to do as they please. There is not, to the best of my knowledge, a place or service that offers these archived anywhere. If you do have these archived or wouldn't mind me 'borrowing' your files please email me. Funny that Viacom hasn't figured out that their listeners would gladly pay $5 a month until 2006. When Stern leaves FM to join Sirius satellite radio in 10 months you will likely be able to listen to the show from your browser in a streaming format, or use some time shifting software to pull it down from your Sirius tuner. By the way, I just listen to Stern for the articles.

Terror at school rips apart a Russian town

Months later, Beslan is still far from OK

The Mavericks Surf Contest Is On!

World Class Surfers From Around the Globe Will Compete Wednesday as They Ride the "Most Dangerous Wave on the Planet"