Rock on(line)

If you're not too busy stuffing your pockets full of Mac minis or iPod shuffles, check out the official website of the band you didn't even know you needed: The Flying Eyes.

(And if you play bass and could make weekly band practice in Fremont, check out this page.)


I said…
Sorry for off-topic comment, but I thought you might be interested. If you don't want Gonzales to be confirmed by the Senate link the phrase tortured logic to

We are going to achieve a googlebomb
Jason Shellen said…
That is *way* off topic and I think I know what a Google bomb is thank you very much. You should perhaps devote your efforts to something that will achieve an actual goal rather than a funny prank. Not that pranks aren't fun, it's just not useful in this case. How about getting folks to send a letter through True Majority?

Also to steer this back on topic - Grant's song 'I'm Good, I Swear' = awesome!

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