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The Million-Dollar Mac mini Media Center Question

It's more of a Mac iTunes question and perhaps worth about $25 if answered properly.

Shellen Mini 2 released

For those of you not keeping up with my main blog - a self indulgent announcement.

A Picture Share!

It's another boy! Welcome to the world Miles Jay Shellen. All 9 pounds of you. Allie is recovering nicely. More later...

A little baby update

Allison and I are at the hospital in the labor and delivery ward. We have been here for 12 hours now and it looks like it's getting close. This experience has been way different than with Drew. Drew was a marathon 30 + hours. I should go, but I'll keep you posted - I've got a baby to catch.

1001 Free Fonts

Cool, but only until trumps them.


Secrets posted on a group blog. Cool and sorta scary.

Google Video Search

Currently showing fair use video snapshots and accompanied text.

US bans Internet for Iranians, almost

Well this won't help the situation one bit.

Anti-Nofollow FUD

Anil deconstructs a black hat spammers attempt at humor.


Attention Reporters: Use this tool to file your story about the latest car bombing in Iraq.


A tool to help people decide what movies to go see or rent. Feeds, Netflix and Dack Ragus are involved so of course it's cool.


They call it Open Access Internet TV. It looks like Tivo for BitTorrent.


That dogs eyes just aren't right, but I'll give their sofware a try regardless. [via]

My attempt to end the war in Iraq

Photo: GETTY IMAGES PHOTO/CHRIS HONDROSI really don't know what to do. I do however know what to say.The election has come and gone. We are no safer, no better off, and Bush is handing out medals and cabinet posts to the folks who have helped keep us in a country half a world away to PROTECT US FROM NOTHING. NO WMDs, kids. Not one. I don't know about you but I'm done with all of it.I am tired of seeing images that will haunt me till the end of my days. The picture above is of two children who's parents we killed because of a roadside misunderstanding. As a parent I just can't fathom what hell those kids will go through in the future. It doesn't surprise me to hear that folks in foreign lands don't like us when they see such pictures. Self-loathing aside, this is not about making us beloved worldwide it's about doing the right thing - picking up and heading home. For that matter, pick up and head to Thailand or Sri Lanka or any country that could use str…

Get Back To Work

Crack the whip on yourself. Perhaps the TaDa list could integrate this too? [via 43 Folders]

Donald Rumsfeld Must Resign

An appropriate response to NO WMDs FOUND. Short of actually leaving Iraq of course.

Ta-da List: Simple sharable to-do lists.

They also do private lists. Nice work 37signals!

NFL Game Broadcasts Coming to IPods

Prices will be $10 a GAME. Way to compete with AM radio Audible!

A geeky post for fellow developers about comment spam

We've been discussing the comment spam problem at Google quite a bit. Preventing Comment Spam is our post describing one piece of the anti-spam puzzle. Blogger hasn't been bitten by the comment spam bug but as they say an ounce of prevention... The fact that it went from suggested idea to implementation by 10+ companies in about 36 hours was pretty cool, but that's just the beginning. Before Blogger had native comments I wrote a comments script for this site, recently they were spammed to death and I had to pull all comments. I know my friend Kevin Fox just had a similar thing happen. Shutting down open communication channels doesn't feel good. If you are a web developer, I urge you to support the rel='nofollow' tag as soon as possible in all current and future projects. Give spammers no reason or power to spam again.

Preventing comment spam

In which we (Google) propose a tag to help address the problem of comment spam.

New Test For People With Food Allergies

To investigate - I've got some weird food allergies. I can't eat apples, carrots, and more. Wack.

Picasa 2

An excellent revision to an already great piece of software.

Napoleon Dynamite soundboard

Call all your friends and ask them if the chickens have large talons!

Some naming advice from Derek Baird

Via private email that I haven't asked to permission to republish, yet:...Congrats in advance on the impending arrival and latest edition to the Shellen clan. Just remember that most the *cool* celebrity names are taken. So there will be no Apple Shellen (thanks Gwyenth), or Rocco Shellen (thanks Madonna, er, Esther), or Finnegan Shellen (thanks Eric Macormack), or the grandaddy of them all, no JerMajesty Shellen (thanks Jermaine Jackson.) Seriously, he named his kid JerMajesty. But are we shocked? No. I mean his brother named his kid Blanket. Hey.....Blanket Shellen. Nope. Scrap that one too. Oy!Thanks Derek - will reconsider Apple and Rocco as the front runners. Though perhaps we should go old skool and go with Madonna or Jermaine?

Ballots in Iraq Are Being Sold

That's got to be bad for business.

Photolightning -- Create Photo Blogs with Blogger and Club Photo

Nice integration for Club Photo and Blogger users.

The Mac mini… what’s inside the box? has the first alien dissection photos of the Mac mini. A mini marvel.

Rock on(line)

If you're not too busy stuffing your pockets full of Mac minis or iPod shuffles, check out the official website of the band you didn't even know you needed: The Flying Eyes.

(And if you play bass and could make weekly band practice in Fremont, check out this page.)

I have been over-ruled

Specialty's is the spot and the weather is agreeable. Chevy's is off.

Macworld lunch update's raining. We are going hit the Chevy's near the convention center in the abscence of a cooler idea. We have the place reserved at 1pm for a party of 400. You are all still coming aren't you?

The Bloggers' Rights Blog

An F***ed Company for bloggers.

Macworld Expo SF 2005 Events List

Great list of events for MacWorld SF. Don't forget to tip your waitress Ilene.

WorldCom Directors Pay Own Money To Settle

After the insurance companies kick in their share it amounts to 1.8M per company director.

Iran blocked!

Hoder reports Blogger, Blog*Spot, Y! Mail, Orkut and other services are being blocked in Iran.

Six Apart Acquires LiveJournal

Not a rumor any longer. So technically this isn't a double post.

CNN lets Tucker Carlson go

Thank you, Jon Stewart! [via]


a directory of nice colors

Six Apart to buy LiveJournal

Let me be the first to ask the question, will it be TypeJournal or LivePad?

TiVoToGo is here

It's a little kludgey and doesn't work for Macs yet. I still have to applaud a step in the right direction though.

Macworld SF 2005 bloggers lunch

After seeing the keynote address and placing your advance order for the new $499 iMac with companion Motorola iPod video phone you will have worked up quite an appetite. Come have lunch with fellow bloggers at this years Macworld SF to unwind. It's an annual tradition for Mac and PC lovers alike. Let's meet at 12:30pm on Tuesday the 11th at the top of the South Hall stairs at Moscone Center. Everyone is welcome (you don't even need a Macworld pass). Bring a friend and if you live in the Bay Area come out for the event and link this invite. If the weather is good, we will probably walk to the nearest Specialty's for sandwiches and fresh baked goodies and then head back to Yerba Buena Gardens to eat. Last year some folks found a burrito joint too. If you miss us at 12:30PM, YBG is where you can probably catch us around 1PM. If it looks like rain, check back here for contingency plans. Will you be there?ps: Our second child is due on the 21st, but you never know. In case…