Feb 29, 2004

Sniper suspected along 580

This is really scary! This is the road I use every day and is only about 5 miles away from our house!

Feb 27, 2004

Jeff Clark's moblog

Maverick's surf pioneer blogs the Men Who Ride Mountains contest

Enthusiasts Call Web Feed Next Big Thing

user: chicagotrib / pass: chicagotrib

Feb 26, 2004

iPod Mini a cheap way to get a large MicroDrive?

4Gb would be fun in my camera.

Lori Lockwood - back in action

She's not with Lockergnome anymore and has a new blog.

Taylor rocks the wifi

My brother's new promise is to post bi-annually.

Limiting marriage to heteros weakens the institution

When I said I was a uniter, not a divider, I assumed you'd understand I meant a heterosexual uniter

Gnomedex 4.0

Number one reason to go, open bar.

'Be a good little Maxwell House wife'

Maxwell House Advertisement at the end of the Patriarchical Epoch


XFN Relationship Lookup Engine. Sounds dirty, sadly isn't.

Blogging gives Iranian women a voice

Quotes from Hoder and Moallemian.


Seems handy but it only uses POP, I need IMAP people!

Feb 25, 2004


Wired is all up in our deal.

Feb 24, 2004

BookEndz for PowerBook G4 12" DVI

Have I mentioned I'm using a PowerBook as my primary machine these days?

Mighty Atom

Last Webmonkey article ever?

Wireless Froogle

Price match on the spot!

Feb 23, 2004

How the iPod Ended the OS Wars

If the iPod supported Linux natively the world may open up and swallow us all

Help! I got a traffic ticket.

I haven't had a ticket in a few years but it's sort of inevitable so I thought I would link this for later use.

Why we sell advertising, not search results.

Just to be clear.

Wendy, Where are You?

Mr. Wendy??? A puzzling choice. Perhaps Mr. Wendy has a hankering for heart disease.

Feb 20, 2004

Prediction for ETech05

My money is on Trevor

Polymer Paper

I've been hearing about this for about 15 years now! Enough already, let me buy one.

Shout out from Shooter

Don't ask me how, but Chris McDonald (aka Shooter McGavin) was somehow duped into shooting a promo for Biz and I from the set of Cracking Up! Click on the image above for the Quicktime movie.

How the Secret Service protects Bush from free speech

I missed this article during the holiday bustle.

blinkie swap

I feel left out of the blinkie landgrab. Seriously though - don't put these on your blog.

My little corner of the web

sodamnannoying could use a hug all up in his little corner of the web.

Schwarzenegger: Gay marriage licenses illegal

The latest from Mr. Happy Good Time Groper

Feb 19, 2004

Firsthand account of protest in Juarez

Danah escapes the geek bubble to fight violence against women. Go Boyd!

Justly Married

Great photos of the SF phenom. None of them look hellbent on destroying marriage either.

MPEG-4 Support for ZVUE!

Think of this as the $99 audio/video iPod

Frank Black on Buzznet

Frank - please post in the comments on Shellen dot com!!!

Feb 13, 2004


All you ever wanted to know about email, ever.

AtomEnabled Buttons

Button it!

Broken Lizard's Club Dread

I would like to state for the record that although I enjoyed Super Troopers, that I have nothing to do with this blog.

Net file-swappers snap up Windows source code

That's gonna leave a mark.

How To Date and Blog

Just in time for Valentine's Day from Blogger and Jen Garret.

Feb 12, 2004

NetNewsWire special Atom beta

Atom support comes to a favorite aggregator for many.

My Yahoo and Atom

Jeremy Zawodny cuts through some political jockeying elegantly.

Virtual Knee Surgery

All the gore none of the pain killers.

Feb 10, 2004

Open source under the microscope

Etech 2004 notes

This is gonna get ugly. This post I mean. I'll be updating it throughout the day during my notes for this years Emerging Tech conference.
  • Technorati Hacks : Dave Sifry is talking about Technorati and some new hacks and developer tools they are working on. He's just showed off the Technorati Top Products Cosmos page. Announced developers.technorati.com. Technorati directions, Open Reviews format, subscription mechanism (keywork, cosmos, etc), profile discovery and filtering of subscription lists (attention.xml), vote links [Editor: I'm lukewarm on this one], geosearch and filtering (11K blogs in DB). Also demoed blog links and breaking news features of the site. Full notes here...
  • Fluidtime: Timing Tools for Social Networks : Molly Steenson and Michael Kieslinger, interaction design gurus are presenting some elegant slides on the sensitivities of timing in a social network. Molly is running through some scenarios in a planned group dinner among a group of women. A sophisticated network of phone calls, IM, and email usage emerges from the big picture planning down to the micro-level of the actual rendezvous. 'Hypercoordination' - enforces rules of the group, emotional state, and expresses individuality. FluidTime project website. Demoed SMS app. Finding the right moment involves: time coordination, time personalities, social network roles, tools, event types and etc. 'Real life is messy.' Not enough to take a user centered approach. Personas are good but question the assumptions used to make the personas. Presentation here: Social-Fluidtime PDF Full notes here...
  • Leveraging RSS at Disney : Disney is using RSS for internal collaboration with wikis and blogs. Of course gorgeous designs and fun stuff like 'Finding Nemo' characters on wiki content. Using pMachine, MT and . Spoke about the two-way capabilities coming down the road when they move away from RSS and towards Atom. Fielded many questions from the crowd about wiki security, feed access levels and securing blog content. Operations engineering folks have 100 people contributing to 6 blogs. One blog in particular has 50 users with about a third considered (active). Over 200 users of the wiki. Spoke about the difficulties of getting users who are at home blogging internally, (telecommuting issues).
  • !Echo wiki: Lessons Learned : Sam Ruby is sharing part of the process and good and bad wiki experiences.

Feb 8, 2004

10 Things to tell telemarketers

This list isn't great but perhaps it will prompt you to think of better.

Feb 4, 2004

MSN - Hotmail Extra Storage

Remember when it was all free and not spammy? Me neither.

Hidden Agenda

Game design contest to trick jr. high school students into LEARNING!

Jimmy Carter's blog

Posted by Jimmy C

Feb 3, 2004

Marketing Wisdom for 2004

99 best real-life stories and tips from marketing, advertising, and PR pros who reveal what they learned in 2003

Apple iBox?

This would perhaps be my first Apple purchase ever.

USB Coffee Warmer

Can also be used to singe your hand.

ShardsO'Glass Freeze Pops

Perhaps the best Super Bowl commercia of 2004.

dooce is due

Nice eviction notice pic.

The Most Beautiful Periodic Table Displays

Californium - If we had a visible quantity on display here, you would be dead.

Feb 2, 2004

The technologist with the broken technology

Well, that didn't take long at all. I've managed to break my new Treo 600 in record time. The wonky headphone adapter that is needed to plug-in headphones for mp3 listening was acting up on the drive to Tahoe last Thursday. Sometime Friday morning, I bumped the adapter just right and now my phone thinks the headphone adapter is permanently 'in'. As you can imagine this resulted in some phone calls that went a lot like a pre-recorded message. 'Hi, this is Jason. You can probably hear me right now but I'm a dork and ruined my multi-hundred dollar phone with a $5 headphone adapter so I can't hear you. I'll call you back if you would be so kind as to leave a message.'

If I use the hands-free adapter I'm golden, but it's not really cool to walk around with that thing wadded up in my pocket. I don't know if I'll get it sorted out by the time I'm at Etech next week. I'll make a point to keep Verichat on so I'll be IM-able. See you in San Diego.

Blogger - Official Google Service

All official and junk

Pres. campaign sites UE analysis

Jesse James Garrett with a 24-page analysis of the nine major Dem sites.

Super Bowl show pushes limits

I can't believed I missed this because Dad and I were looking at pontiac.com during half-time!

Tune Recycler

Support Indie Music with the iTunes Pepsi Super Bowl Promotion

Brand of the Year 2003

Starts with Go - ends with ogle