Dec 23, 2004

Don't eat the yellow snow, polar bear number two!

I think I'm hilarious. You can imagine how well this goes over at work. Apologies to Dennis Hwang.


me said...

An alternate caption:

"Ok Google O number two, just turn your head and cough."



Shahid said...

Looks like the bears are giving out snowcones. I feel sorry for whoever gets the yellow one!

:: jozjozjoz :: said...

Hee hee! I thought the exact thing when I saw that!

Scott said...

Saw you on 60 minutes, lookin busy!

Jason Shugars said...

Hey, I laughed.

Emily said...

Nice one!

polarboy said...

How can i get that polar bear theme for me google?????

carl said...

THat is so funny. I found it randomly and started cracking up. I sent the link to all my friends!

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