¿Qué es un blog?

Blogger.com screenshot in traditional Chinese
Blogger.com screenshot in traditional Chinese

As described in our help article, Blogger goes international. Blogger is now available in:

We have some work to do to get the interface translated as well, but stay tuned for further developments and more languages.

Our users have had the ability to publish in over 95 languages for a while now, but it's been hard to get to that step without having blog creation or sign-up in one's native tongue. Cheers to the birth of even more blogs!


ignazio said…
Thanks Blogger.
I started a 25 friends team blog 2 years ago, but the members don't manage with English and they rarely posted. So I hope that from now they will understand what's the meaning of blog, feed, atom, and all those "strange" words.
Kazuya said…
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Kazuya said…
Great!!! I could restart my blogger blog in Japanese, thanks to your team's hard work. Appreciated.
Kushtrim Xhakli said…
Congratulation, I wonder if you are going to translate into Albanian language as well. Just to make some newbies to setup their blog easier.
Jason Shellen said…
I think the team would love to see us translate as many as possible. Stay tuned.

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