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White House West

Will Ferrell - A message from White House West

A few photos from the convention

A few photos from the convention so far.

Noah Glass inteviews Goldman

I'm going to call him too, but not if he says 'raucus caucus' again.

The new blogocracy

Great article by my buddy danah boyd

Dems close convention door to Moore

I'm not sure which door, because he slipped in anyway.

The DNC so far

Wow. It's been a fascinating time already. Goldman covers the bizarre route that we took to actually obtain our Convention credentials and other hilarity. Hands down best moment of last night was our 20 minute conversation with Michael Moore. He promised more blogging soon on his site. The discussion turned to the terrible state of copyright law and I asked if he knew Larry Lessig. He didn't so we brought him up to speed on the Creative Commons movement and talked Sonny Bono Act for a while. I think we may have talked him into doing a movie about copyright. We'll have to see. We were also treated to Michael's version of what he feels Barak Obama's campaign song should be. Replace 'Barak Obama' in place of the Bam ba bamba lyrics in La Bamba and there you go. Song or not, I would vote for him. He had the crowd going like no other speaker. Just superb. In other news, we visited Bloggers Boulevard. We spoke with Dave Pell, David Weinberger, Dave Sifry and we …

Audiopost: During Dean's speech at the convention


Blogger: Live from the DNC

So we've been working on this you have ever visited the Blogger offices we call it the post scroller. We have an LCD projector pointed at the wall that displays a post at random from the Blogger database. In essence, our team gets to see on a daily basis what bloggers are talking about and how they are using Blogger. It's very cool. We've always wanted to do a version that everyone can see and enjoy - and this is a step in that direction. This version of the post scroller has been customized to track posts from the blogosphere about the Democratic National Convention. It's not just from Blogger users (nor just Democrats)! It's very alpha and I hope it doesn't fall over. It's definitely not official. I showed a few folks at the BlogOn conference and they liked it so we decided to let you in on the fun. Enjoy. A few additional notes: The posts should cycle about every 7 seconds You can pause it (I love this feature). Hit '…

Watching them watch us

KRON News parked in the bike lane outside the office.It's been a weird day at work. I'm not in Boston until tomorrow, so I've had a front row seat to more than one news camera crew ogling our workplace. Posted by Hello

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

It may have a name, but if it has Jar Jar - I'm out.

Some great reports and photos from the Tour by my co-worker Dylan.

Michael Moore powers Blogger!


BlogOn and blogging on in Boston

I've been a little busy. When I get busy I usually forget that I have a readily available channel to tell people about all the cool stuff that going on. I have got to turn that around and do a little more sharing! I'll be at BlogOn . Apparently so is the rest of my known universe. Unfortunately, my friend and co-worker danah was going to be on a panel but is now hosting a germ party in her head. Strep, bronchitis, you name it - she looked like a good host body and the bugs gate crashed . We hope you feel better soon danah, but be a good host and offer the guests something to drink.In other news, it's off to the Democratic National Convention! That's right, Jason Goldman and I are hitting the road. We're off to see the true story of thirty-four strangers, picked to live in a house (or congressional district) to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. The Real Convention! Also I hear that Puff Daddy will be having a party. Puffy, y…

Lay Unaware He Was CEO Of Enron, Say Lawyers

Almost plausible.

Van chauffer rockstar confessions

The Strokes have a weakness for In-N-Out, Beasties have weakness for Armadillo Willy's?

Homemade Bottle Cap Tripod

Save $9 off the production version and get friendly with your local hardware store. Double bonus.

NeXt cube burning

Not as easy as it first seemed

CSV to vCard

A nice little trick so you can import into the Apple Addressbook application

Canon Digital SLR comparison grid

EOS D30, D60, 10D, 300D, 1D, 1Ds and 1D mark II covered herein.

2004 Election coverage - What I'd like to see


What to do in Boston if You're Under 35

iPod Resource link list

Rejected engravings to Weather on your iPod, it's all here

Picasa Download

Picasa now free!

Know HTML... who cares

Big news today for Blogger users... WYSIWYG editing. Please note that this does not mean one should start using horrible color choices, just becauseonecan.


I'm at the AlwaysOn Innovation Summit today. Ev and I are here with blogger passes, which somehow turned into press passes. On the way in the door to the 'Battle for the E-Home' session, we bumped into Dan Gillmor. I showed my press pass to him joking, 'See. We are further blurring the line between blogger and journalists.' His reply: 'What line?' Then he handed us a copy of his new book, 'We the Media'. Cool. I guess it's going to be that kind of day. More soon. 12:30pm: Padmasree Warrior, CTO of Motorola is speaking. She's laying out the vision for Motorola's future innovation. Their buckets of interest are moving, living, driving and working. In the driving bucket, she spoke about an idea that I've thought of for a while - the ability to sync your stereo, iPod, whatever hard drive of information you have in your vehicle wirelessly while you have access in your garage. In other words - maps, mp3s, video and such could be moved to…


Ev just stumbled across blog as a bar drink in USENET archives. Meanwhile, I've been meaning to post the above image of a BLOGG creature dreamt up by Dr. Seuss in The Shape of Me and Other Stuff. Perhaps there are other future product names in this list of all Dr. Seuss creatures.

Posted by Hello

Google Acquires Picasa

A more descriptive comment to follow post-IPO. Quiet period and all.

Allison's 30th birthday

My lovely bride Allison is turning 30 today. When she turned 20 I went around town with a video camera and recorded birthday greetings from all her friends and family. The golden moment however, was when three construction workers outside of 7-11 volunteered to sing 'Feliz CumpleaƱos'. If I were some sort of video stud, I would have that digitized and linked their song from this very post. Alas - no. Perhaps some other time.No - today dear friends, because I have blocked Allison's IP address at home - I ask you to wish her a happy birthday as well. She won't see this until tomorrow so unleash whatever artwork, audioblog, mp3, comment to this post,link, subdued humble e-greeting or tasteful e-card in honor of her day. I'll link the best one's here tomorrow if you want to address them to me. Let's see how this goes. I would love another golden moment for her 30th.Yes, I know that her 20th birthday was ten years ago, clearly we started dating shortly after we …

WNBA player acknowledges she's gay

PlanetOut reports:Michele Van Gorp, a center for the Minnesota Lynx, has distinguished herself off the basketball court by being the only active player in the WNBA to publicly acknowledge that she is a lesbian.The ONLY one in the WNBA! That's hard to believe. The article continues... Certainly more than two lesbians have played in the WNBA, but the fact that only two have publicly acknowledged being gay underscores the pressure on professional GLBT athletes to remain in the closet. In the world of team sports, coming out carries many risks, including physical harm from anti-gay players and loss of commercial endorsements. I guess I find this appalling from the standpoint that I associate women with being more accepting and rational where this stuff is concerned. There is certainly enough male homophobia to go around but I had hoped it wasn't shared to such a degree by our female counterparts. May the Van Gorps of the world continue to rid us of locker room hysteria about wha…

You know you've got a browser problem when...

I *heart* Firefox.

Getting the Band Together, Part III

You are all total phobes.

I read it for the articles... about Britney's engagement

I'm back from Lake Tahoe after a little extended 4th of July vacation. I always read something interesting on vacation, usually a book or two. Sadly, it was the July 12th issue of People magazine this year. I blame my sister-in-law. Perhaps I can convince you that reading it was work-related? I'm still shocked every once in a while when I see blogging creeping into the mainstream. The photo above is a shot of the 'Cool Etcetera' section of People. It says:'s scorching Hollywood gossip holds the famous's feet to the fire.Between this and Ana Marie Cox / Muffin Witchwood joining MTV News to cover the Democratic convention Gawker Media is on a roll. By the way, Ana Marie, recommends Brandy Sinn. Just a thought.Aside from the blog research I did on vacation, ahem, I also discovered that Lindsay Lohan landed a 'Major Record Deal' with Tommy Mottola. Yup. Vacation. Good to be back.

Annenberg Political Fact Check calls politicians on their campaign mudslinging.

Groove Networks Releases New Workgroups Tool

I hope the Groove client has gone on a diet.

Wonkette Does Boston

...or MTV does something right!

HBlogger for Palm

Blog from your Treo or other connected Palm.


Even more glad we opted out of the knives-penis mess with our son. Yuck.