Jul 29, 2003

'So, we've got Uday and Qusay. Now, how about the eapons-way of ass-may estruction-day?'

Feed me

If you hadn't seen this already, Amazon has begun syndicating popular content from their site. It's pretty powerful stuff and Paul Bausch has an Amazon Feed Builder up for your enjoyment. I promptly built an Amazon Alternative CD's Top Sellers watchlist for my news reader, Newzcrawler. I immediately bought two of the top ten CD's and now Liz Phair and Radiohead are on their way! It's a good thing there isn't an Amazon Sports Cars Top Sellers list yet.

Jul 25, 2003

Live coverage from Gnomedex 3

How to use your SprintPCS Wireless Camera phone with Blogger

Many of you have emailed asking how to post photos from your SprintPCS phones as I have done on my wireless blog. We have been doing a lot of work on this lately and have recently added in support for text and voice files from Sprint as well. Since this is a new feature for Blogger it is by no means a fool-proof method and should be considered 'in beta' but I welcome you to try it.

Other things to note, this method has only been tested for a few phones and may not work for your particular Sprint PCS camphone. If you do experience problems, let me know and hopefully we can find out what needs to be done to add in support for that particular phone. Another thing is that the way we handle Sprint content is by pulling from their file servers so no guarantees are made for the ability to host files there forever. In other words, your images aren't upload via Blogger, we just link to them. I have been backing up my images in the event something changes, but we are working on other solutions. That said, if you would still like to try it out just follow the instructions below.


A Sprint PCS camera phone. (I'm using the Sanyo 8100.)
A Blogger Pro account

What we are using currently to handle posting via SprintPCS is the Mail-to-Blogger component of Blogger Pro. You need to check your Mail-to-Blogger settings under Settings -> Email as shown below. The main thing you need to do, if you haven't already, is add a customized entry to your make your Mail-to-Blogger email address unique. In the example below, the unique Mail-to-Blogger address is 'myusername.123camphone@blogger.com'.

Settings in Blogger

After you have saved this setting you can add this email address into the address book of your phone. I've found with the 8100, that the easiest way to do this is after taking a picture. After taking a picture, you are presented with the option of sharing this photo. Clicking the 'share' option takes you to a list from your address book, the top of the list says 'New Entry'. Once you have selected 'New Entry', enter the Mail-to-Blogger address under the email setting and perhaps add something under the name field like 'Wireless Blog'. Searching for 'Wireless Blog' in the address book should now show that you have and email address for that name and it should looks something like the example above (myusername.123camphone@blogger.com).

Let's run through a quick post from the phone.

  • Take a picture
  • Select 'share'
  • Choose 'Wireless Blog' from the address book
  • Optional: You can record a voice memo to be included with your photo
  • Optional: You can add some text (not easy from a cell keypad). Just hit 'Ok' to post with no text
  • Click 'Send'
I've found that coverage is great in the majority of the Bay Area, not fantastic in the Central Valley and decent in the Tahoe area. This can affect your upload speed greatly. Please also note that Mail-to-Blogger can take a few minutes to post. Have fun with this new feature and leave comments and questions on this post. If you have a private question ask it here.

update: Since a few people have asked. This does not work for any other cell provider...yet. Even though I have done testing from other phones on my wireless blog, posting from other providers isn't yet ready. Stay tuned.

update 2: We finally have a general solution for all cell phones that can send email. See go.blogger.com for full details.

Jul 24, 2003

George Hincapie's view of the Tour de France

George Hincapie and Lance ArmstrongEver wonder what the Tour de France is like for one of the riders? Catch up with US Postal Service rider, George Hincapie's blog. George is updating the blog in between racing through the French Alps.

We've arranged for George to post via a camera phone but I'm not sure if we can overcome the coverage problem in France. In the meanwhile, he's posted a few thoughts and some great pictures from the tour bus, including one of team mate Lance Armstrong giving the hang loose sign. As a long time cyclist and fan of the tour I'm happy to be able to play a small part in getting this going. Go team!

Safest Fun-To-Drive Sport Sedans Comparison
From How Much is Inside A Keg?:
'Beer sold in cans is about 50% more expensive (than keg beer), but those cans are a hellovalot easier to sneak into traffic school.'

Jul 23, 2003

Like Tonto but shorter

I'm writting this post from a T-Mobile Sidekick. It's the fisrt time I have used one. So far, it is much faster than my Treo 300 but the keys are a bit far apart for my taste. I'll have to spend more time getting familiar with it but it is a nice way to go for posting text on the fly.

Jul 17, 2003

BloggingWorksTM Workshops

It was a dark and stormy blog

They had but one last remaining night together, so they embraced each other as tightly as that two-flavor entwined string cheese that is orange and yellowish-white, the orange probably being a bland Cheddar and the white . . . Mozzarella, although it could possibly be Provolone or just plain American, as it really doesn't taste distinctly dissimilar from the orange, yet they would have you believe it does by coloring it differently.
by Ms. Mariann Simms of Wetumpka, AL and winner of the 2003 Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest which challenges entrants to compose the opening sentence to the worst of all possible novels. The award recognizes the worst opening sentence to the worst of all possible novels. More good horrible entries here.
Masturbation Can Prevent Prostate Cancer

Jul 16, 2003


In one of the final presentations this afternoon at the Innovation Summit, a gentleman from NASA (Daniel 'Something') talked about a project they have been working on and one of the discoveries they had made. He said that when you think of a word, your vocal cords begin to vibrate. They have applied this as a way to do graphical control of a computer, moving a cursor in various directions based on these inaudible vocal chord vibrations. Amazing! My vocal chords are abuzz with vibrations but no actual words to describe my awe.
PCWorld - World Class: Best Web Application of 2003... Blogger!

I'm innovating right now!!!

I'm at the AlwaysOn Network's Innovation Summit. Jonathan Miller of AOL was interesting this morning and it's the best conference schwag in years. Web cams, backpacks, hats, Plantronics headsets. Lots of folks here, mostly VC's and execs. I'm sitting with Ev and Jerry Michalski. Right now we are listening to Sky Dayton on a panel about the future of wireless as our wireless connection ironically fades in and out. Not Always On. Socialtext is once again running a conference wiki. Hat tip to Ross Mayfield of Socialtext for adding Ev and I to the 'blogger/journalist pass' list.

Jul 14, 2003

Let's hear it for Atom!

Slides of the vacation

Something occured to me after returning from vacation. Since I took most of my pictures via cameraphone this year I won't get to invite the neighbors over to bore them with my traditional vacation slide show screening. Damn.

Jul 3, 2003

Blogging about not thinking about blogging

I'm taking a well needed vacation. I've been uploading to the wireless blog from Lake Tahoe. I talked to Ev the night before I left and he said 'Try not to think about blogging for a few days.' and here I am off to a horrible start, still blogging. I promise as I dip my toes in the lake or when I go for a bike ride with Drew on the back of my new Cannondale blogging will not be on my mind. Though I might be thinking about the kegger Grant is surely going to have at my house in my absence. I've got to get that key back one of these days.

In other news, I apparently get more press when I'm not around. Today I'm in The Guardian, The Register (inarticulate and full of fuzzy logic - it doesn't deserve a link), and I've heard that some other small pub on the East Coast might have a quote from me on Monday. I should stay away more often (please don't rush to agree).