Jun 24, 2003

Jun 20, 2003

Jraphic it is

At the end of an article about the patent on the GIF format expiring Nate at Web-graphics laments:
In a cranky and almost unrelated note, I'd like to take the opportunity to express my displeasure with people who pronounce GIF as if it were a popular brand of peanut butter. The acronym is 'Graphic Interchange Format' not 'Jraphic Interchange Format'.
Sadly, this is a familiar topic for us cranks. In both cases, our comments boards have sold us down the river, proving us wrong. Here's to Nate and I who will forever pronounce it right wrong.
James Gosling of Sun has a blog.

Jun 17, 2003

Lost bits

Allison always tells me after a long night that you can never 'catch-up on sleep'. Ev disagrees with this theory. I'm not sure where I fall on that issue, but I do believe that after a certain amount of time you can't 'catch-up on email'. A big apology to those affected by this axiom.

Jun 10, 2003

The Blog Apple

I'm in Manhattan for a few days, post-conference to visit the Google NY office and for a few meetings. It's been a few years since I've been here and I'm glad to see that the neon industry is still doing well.

I'm staying at the Ian Schrager's Paramount and it's ultra hip. Since I arrived late and was travelling during dinner I went down to the bar to order a light meal. The kitchen was closed so I turned to head out, but I made eye contact with a trucker cap wearing hipster sitting alone in the bar. Turns out it was Jamie Kennedy, star of stage and screen. I said 'Hi' before moving on, since I was doing the 'guy who looks 5 seconds past appropriate' look.

Jamie has a hidden camera show that pre-dates Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd and Ashton owns the trucker hat thing. My humble career advice for Jamie, pick new headgear. I can understand the visor not working out but just say no to the mesh trucker hat, next thing you know you'll be hitting on Demi Moore! If Jamie reads shellen.com there is the remote possibility I will receive a sucker punch in the elevator tomorrow. I'll have to lay low, I'll let you know how it goes.

It's like you are right here in Boston!

Of course you are missing my soothing voice in this format but here is my keynote presentation for your browsing pleasure. Please forgive my sloppy notes field.

Here are a few of the links from my keynote and Q/A session:

Heath Row has a pretty damn good transcript of my talk, Halley Suitt too. However, Heath has the fastest fingers in the East!

Jun 9, 2003

At Muslim Prom, It's a Girls-Only Night Great article about girls from my hometown, Fremont, who have a dude-free prom.

Good time strategies

I'm sitting next to my former arch nemesis Biz Stone listening to David Weinberger speak about 'Why Weblogs Matter'. An aside, listening to David talk is like helping yourself to $500 out of the register. It feels like you've stolen something.

Plus, I met Liz Spears over lunch. My day is making up for my earlier bad travel karma.

Conference blogging directory

Since I'm speaking quite a lot over the next few days I'm not going to be this conference's proto-blogger. Once again however, I find myself sitting next to Tima and other great event bloggers.

Here are a few folks covering the Jupiter Weblog Business Strategies Conference:

...apparently there was some sort of race to post first. I would like to submit my midnight travel photo as either the first post (or my excuse).
Anil, Jeff... slow down, you'll hurt yourselves. Gents, may I suggest that slow and steady wins the race?

That's the good stuff

I'm now wireless via the Jupitermedia Wifi point set up for the conference. It's nice and fast. Yesterday, at Oakland Airport waiting for my late JetBlue flight, I tried to hop on the wifi network but they want $6.95 to do so. I went for the next best thing, connecting my laptop to my Treo 300 via USB using PalmNet 2.0.

The only problem was that my copy of the trial had expired prompting me for a registration code. I was able to buy the $34 code using the Treo's Blazer browser. Then I typed the code into my PC and wallah I was able to read email and get on the corporate LAN, all at a blazing 9.6kbps. I think that was my first wireless purchase, short of a ringtone. Next up, digital wallets!

Jun 8, 2003

Plane trouble

I'm sitting at JFK waiting to hear if my connecting flight to Boston will be leaving tonight. There was some sort of steering problem and we had to deboard. Looks like I'll probably spend the night here. Funny enough I am coming back here on Tuesday night to spend some time at the Google office in Manhattan. Of course almost anything seems funny right now I'm exhausted! See you in Boston sometime tomorrow.

[update] I'm at the Radisson JFK before I head to LaGuardia(???) to catch the 7am flight to Boston. Woo, travel, woo!

Jun 4, 2003


Smart move: Palm to acquire rival Handspring

Dumb move: Palm to separate OS business Does Palm want the freedom to run MS PocketPC or Linux on their hardware in the future?

Smart move: Bringing the team that made the original Palm, Dubinsky and Hawkins, back in the fold.

Dumb move: Changing the name of the hardware group. You have at least 3 good brand names in there, use 'em!

Prediction: In less than 3 years, Palm will do it's best to reacquire the OS division and potentially do another name change. They love name changes at Palm. A quick recap, the first Palm was called a Pilot, then a Palm Pilot, then a USRobotics Palm Pilot, then a 3COM Palm Pilot, then 3Com Palm, and now just a Palm. Wheew!

In all seriousness, good luck Palm'ers and my friends at Handspring. I expect a WiFi/Bluetooth/Cell/Camera/PDA with a 350 Hemi and a coffee grinder by years-end. Go!

Justin Frankel throws in the towel. This is a direct result the WASTE incident and a not so direct result of pulling Gnutella 3 years ago.

Jun 3, 2003

Coming soon... Tivo Hacks from O'Reilly.
Handspring Treo 600 shown in Dallas Sounds like it will include a camera and Palm OS 5.