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Stanford Research Builds Link between Sleep, Cancer Progression

Sleep + a supportive network can slow cancer progression.

Wisdom of Jessica Simpson

I get it. Like 'corporate intelligence'.

Panda Cam

Hot black and white 24 hour cam action

EBay thief reveals tricks of the trade

This is the part of the InterWebNet I don't love.

The Top 50 Most Common Used CDs

I own about 10 of these albums.

The lighter side of Jack Black

I would have paid good money to be on the set of this movie.

MusicMatch hopes to match Apple iTunes

By giving away free software with their kickass OS?

BitTorrent for Dummies

Beware kids, it's not the easiest thing to install.

TMI at the Exploratorium SF

It's sea anemone sperm but still. I didn't ask how it's done.

Geek Eye for the Luddite Guys

A lucky family gets a digital extreme makeover and three geeks finally have purpose.

This is [x] good

Ross Mayfield, CEO of Socialtext and Blogger-fan has an interesting tagline on his work email signature. At the end he includes this bit of text:this email is: [ ] bloggable [x] ask first [ ] private I love that he is bootstrapping new privacy technology into good old email. I doubt I would add this to my work address but perhaps in responding to personal email. Either way I love seeing how blogs are changing normal communication modes. Next up: [x] please blog!

Disney Intern moblog

I bet Michael Eisner wouldn't like this.

Tinsel Town Club

I'm a member of the EFF. You should join too, yo.

harrumph! badge swap

You do need these stinking badges!

How to make business card cubes

If I only had time for such frivolity

Yahoo! Shopping

Hmm... looks like the Yahoo crew has spent some time over at

Windows Media Recorder

Records Windows Media streams... perhaps not legal

Salam Pax on NPR

Terry Gross interviews Salam Pax on Fresh Air. Great interview!

Code Jam 2003

First place $10k. That's a lot of Jolt soda.

Talk Like A Pirate Day - September 19

Shiver me timbers Dave Eggers must be happier than a one eyed parrot!

answer to life, the universe and everything

I *heart* the Google Calculator

ULC press pass?

I had no idea that a ULC ministry would open up so many interesting opportunities...

Map of Georgia

This one's for Grant - Good luck brother!

Salad with Vacation

an excerpt 'yes operator, i'll accept the call... to my TOILET PHONE!'

Appeals court blocks California recall

Now we can all get back to discussing Madonna and Britney's kiss.

MIT OpenCourseWare

Now I can be a Nuclear Engineer by the end of this year!

Icy Death

Ice cream kills.

Tough racers, tough hills

World's cycling elite take on the streets of San Francisco -

SF Grand Prix 2003 photos

The race was great, but I'm too tired to add captions to all of them right now. The Canon D60 is an amazing camera, I took 215 shots. A bunch of the photos are from the celebrity charity race portion that Google co-founders Larry and Sergey took part in. They competed against actor Robin Williams, venture capitalist John Doerr, Gary Fisher (who had a broken wrist), the SJ Shark mascot and more. It was a great time and I even got a quick ride around the closed off streets of San Francisco in a Team Saturn car. My T-Mobile International SF Grand Prix 2003 gallery.

Note to Nick Denton

Nick, I agree with the general tone of your caution to Jason Calacanis (though I think he's a black-belt so perhaps I won't agree to heartily). However, I'm willing to bet that switching to tasteful Google AdSense ads on Gawker and Gizmodo would outperform the $2000 you currently rake in. Just ask Matt Haughey. Yours,

Reading blogs at work?

Click to escape to a suitable site!

SF Grand Prix

I wasn't really happy with the pictures I took at last years SF Grand Prix. Which is why I haven't linked to them until now. This year though, I am borrowing a Canon EOS D60 so I can take some high speed shots of all the great race action. See you there! More info on the 2003 SF Grand Prix here.

The Strokes new song '12:51'

this is an mp3 download

Country legend Johnny Cash dies

Crappy day in entertainment news

Actor John Ritter dies at age 54

Shocking... we will always remember Jack Tripper

Never forget?

I'm finding it odd that the tragic activities of September 11th, 2001 are being remembered by many with the phrase 'Never forget'. I couldn't forget if I tried. Last night at my in-laws, as 60 Minutes slogged through the odd gestures made by our President in the days following 9/11, I was hoping for the show to be switched to a lighter subject. America knows all to well what happened that day and in the days after. Anil said it well today when he wrote...(There are) people, who are consumed by their anger, unable to move forward with their lives, and determined to pick the scab and make sure it never heals. They find honor in making sure the pain never subsides, and in trying to make others hurt like they do.' I was 3000 miles away safe in my bed as I woke to a scene that I will take to my grave and two years later I still find it a painful subject. Were you glued to the television for a solid week like I was? We all had front row seats to 9/11 and it will never…

What's Going On?

Sing it Marvin.

In California, feeling vulnerable

SF and NY feel very close

Opus Flys Again

I blame the downfall of the Democratic party on a MIA Opus

Ben n' J.Lo to lay low

I am probably risking physical harm from my office-mates with that title

Are you willing to pay zero dollars?

As Goldman said 'The feature wagon just arrived and dropped off a host of bloggity goodness at rock-bottom prices. And we're passing the savings on to you!' We just turned on a bunch of features for all Blogger users at no cost. Why? Because we have to move a lot of blogs by the end of the month. At Crazy Uncle Ev's Discount Blog Shack we are all about slashing prices.... and we love you. Elsewhere:Blogger bucks premium service trend - News.comGoogle to provide blogging for free - The Washington Times

Pixies To Reunite

Jason to buy more CDs and attend concerts

Dog barking problem?

...and twice as effective as electric shock!

Not Animated Gif

It's not animated. Just a trick to ruin your eyes

Senators question Iraq policy, price tag

I should f***ing hope so!!!

Bogus eBay scam

Seems like I'm getting more and more email of this variety. I've recently received very 'real' looking Citibank, PayPal and the below bogus eBay email. Looks like lots of folks are receiving similar spam.

How to spot a bogus linkFor those of you who receive email like this, rolling over the URL link in the message is usually the main giveaway. They have addresses like listed as in the above phony email but in reality it will take you to a nefarious site aimed at collecting your personal information. The way they fool most folks is through keeping a portion of the 'real' domain intact. For example they keep but add something like @ to the end of the domain, effectively rerouting it. Sometimes the redirection is hidden so it's not as obvious as my 101 example but either way, just because a portion of a URL appears to be correct is no reason to trust it. I'll give you a sample of wacky IP tricks, here is a link to Hotm…

Elf - the movie

Will Ferrell as an elf. I heard it's like Old School but with more swearing.

A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera

I was sick so I started to grow a beard. Now it is gone. The End.
Play Memo - now w/blog

When I started MusicRag a few years ago I wanted it to be like Spin but online. There goes my 3 year headstart.

Denial of Service :(

A lot of you have written to me about problems with Blogger and Blog*Spot over the past 24 hours, it appears that we are experiencing a 'Denial of Service' attack. Please stay tuned to for updates on this situation. update: though I was able to post this with Blogger so things are looking up already.

Aljazeera.Net is back

Aljazeera's English site was hacked off the air during the war, now they are back

Little quake with dinner

Short but strong...We are all just fine.

Cameron Diaz wipes out

Cam and I have the same birthday - I also wiped out and got tagged by an errant board on Monday -- spooky!

Gibbs Aquada

This would liven up the commute. No if they could only lower the price by $200k

Big Rick Stuart Radio DJ

Former Live105 DJ Big Rick's blog - I love Big Rick!

Resume of George W. Bush

I think a snappy cover letter would jazz this up a bit.

Blogging: Your New Best Friend

Librarians always get blogging


This is what the web looks like...give or take a few cat photos

Opera's Kiosk Mode

You can do something similar in Firebird. It would be nice in IE too.