Symantec Duck Whistle

I must confess that naming products and projects is a favorite part of product management for me. I'm a close watcher of product names in general. I'm a fan of names that either are: 1) dead simple, 2) evocative or emotional in nature or 3) understandable. In other words product names like X10 or the PowerEdge Pro Suite don't do it for me.

The name that caught my eye today was the Symantec Decoy Server. I immediately imagined a cardboard box server decoy, perhaps like you see at a furniture store (I love those fakes 'Wow, so this will hold my 8-track player and my BetaMax unit!'). But the Symantec name gets better, it used to be called 'Symantec ManTrap'. How did that ever get approved?


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