Calamity Jason

A few notes from yesterday:
  • I woke up to my home computer being unbootable. It was making a hardware beep error code that could mean that the video card died. This is my own fault as I tried to upgrade to better DirectX 9 drivers the night before. New mantra: 'Worse IS better.'
  • Knee popping not limited to stair-climbing. Permaclick left knee is a new feature of walking.
  • Arrived at office, made a cup of coffee and promptly clipped it on the wall making a cascade of coffee-wall art. After clean-up I had a thimble of coffee and went on my merry way.
  • Caught the MS Blaster worm on my work laptop. Much time was spent removing and patching. For the record, this is a nasty-nasty virus. I *never* get virii. Worm makers are getting more devious. If you have the virus or suspect you do, I recommend the Network Associates Stinger tool.
  • Hopped in the car to head home and notice that the gas gauge is mysteriously showing a full tank after 3 days of driving the 30-mile (one way) trek to work and back. Yep, the gas gauge is broken.
At least today is not yesterday.


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