Phil points to a post by a former employee of Yahoo! Mikel Maron regarding the pending Inktomi acquisition by Yahoo!. I couldn't agree with the analysis more. It appears to be a defensive move although I not quite sure what needed defending at this point in time.

As luck has it, I happened to be sitting next to a Yahoo! engineer on a plane about two days after the announcement. When I asked about the merger the engineer replied, 'Yeah, we are pretty scared of Google. That's why we bought them.' Now I'll be the first to admit that engineers aren't the primary decision makers at Yahoo. I'm sure Terry Semel might say something a bit more erudite when asked the same question but it was interesting to have a perspective from the rank and file. I wonder what the pitch from Inktomi was like? I'm willing to bet it was along the lines of 'we can do the same thing that Google does'. I'm betting they can't though. Vivé la Google!


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