Oct 30, 2002

For a real scare this Halloween

My Dad pointed me to these CEO Halloween Masks from Forbes.com. My Dad and his fellow Worldcom employees are having particular fun with the Bernie Ebbers mask. I like the Martha Stewart mask. It's a good thing.

It is about oil.

  • Unocal wanted to build a 1,000 mile long pipeline from the Caspian Sea through Afghanistan to the Arabian Sea
  • All of the leading Taliban officials were in Texas negotiating with UNOCAL in 1998
  • Negotiations were quickly broken off and the contract was awarded to an Argentinian company to build the pipeline by the Taliban
  • The Taliban are determined to be 'evil' in 1999 at Congressional hearings
  • Post 9/11 we invade Afghanistan, though all of the terrorists hail from Saudi Arabia
  • Hamid Karzai is installed as the new leader of Afghanisitan. Karzai is a former employee of Unocal
  • The US announced Jan 31, 2002 we will support the construction of the Trans-Afghanistan pipeline
So my question to you, my friends, is what would it take for the American public to realize what is really going on? What needs to happen to make sure the Bush family and those like it are not in a position to use the White House for their personal financial gain?

By the way, my wish isn't for this blog to become all about politics, my primary area of expertise is in technology, music and the web. However, I have some strong feelings about what is being done in our name as Americans. As someone with friends in other countries I hope they know that Bush doesn't speak for me or nearly anyone I know. He is a man with a private agenda and the means to carry out whatever he (or his family) wishes it appears. So much for power to the people.

Thanks to Maltesh's Avatars for the Taliban/Unocal timeline.

Oct 24, 2002

Who was that masked man in my backyard?

If you haven't seen the SF Bay Area News Map or it's parent site MapReport.com it's a pretty interesting way to find out about newsworthy items are happening in your neck of the woods. The design could use some image height and width tags though.

Oct 21, 2002

Two links to make your head hurt and one to make you smile

  • Pentagon to train Saddam's opponents | CNN Call me crazy but isn't this what happened in Afghanistan in the early 80's? Surely Saddams opponents could never become our opponents?
  • Military Is Easing Its War on Drugs | LA Times I finally watched Traffic this weekend. I'm not sure I'm down with the reason they give in the LA Times article for reducing the 'war' effort, but damn I'm sure there is something better we can do with $1 Billion dollars than stopping marijuana from crossing the border. It might require some 'out of the box' thinking but I think the war was won by drugs a long time ago. Don't get me wrong, I don't want folks going around hopped up on goofballs all the time, but there must be another solution.
  • diesel sweeties: love and pixels I'm buying the 'I'm a rocker and I rock out shirt'. This and my pair of worn out jeans shall restore(?) my indie cred.

Oct 19, 2002

At the patch

Perry's Pumpkin Patch in Fremont, California - October 19, 2002
Want higher resolution versions to use as desktop backgrounds? Here are a 800 x 600 version and 1024 x 768 version. Enjoy!

Oct 18, 2002

Oct 17, 2002

I'm feeling lucky.

Oct 15, 2002

Do we need a War on Terror or a War on Hype?

San Francisco Chronicle political cartoonist Tom Meyer has a great take on some of the justifications being given for the 'need' for war in Iraq.

Oct 14, 2002

Oct 10, 2002

Netflix personality disorder

The above image is from Netflix.com, the online DVD rental service that Allison and I have recently started using. It's great and I highly recommend it. Yes, I know I'm three years late to the party on this one. I had grown accustomed to Blockbuster I guess. Anyway, Allison saw our Netflix login and thought it looked funny. She imagined the portion I have circled after my name whispered knowingly, ie: 'Welcome, Jason Shellen That's not me!'. I'm not sure I like my websites whispering personal info... Your barn door is open! or I know you broke your mother's measuring cup when you were 6 and tried to cover it up!.

What else do they know?

Oct 9, 2002

A driving proverb

A turn signal is not a shoe horn. Jackass.

Oct 7, 2002

Know peace. No war.

Nuclear holy warriors? Does Bush know that he isn't fighting a cartoon super villain? No? Oh well then proceed by all means for the embetterment of mankind. The USA isn't easily fooled, again, or something. Glad we aren't only in this thing for our many oil interests in the region. It's hard to say it any better than Jon Stewart did on The Daily Show a few days ago:
Stewart floated the idea that perhaps the United States wanted to effect "regime change" in order to grab control of the oil in the region. Stephanopoulos agreed it was a possibility. "But that's crazy! Who in this administration has interests in the oil industry?" cried Stewart in pretend bafflement. "Who?!"
Additionally, it seems Bush wants to fight to avenge a threat on his fathers life. I say we send Bush to Baghdad. That's the way a cartoon super hero would do it. You didn't see Batman roping high school graduates into doing his fighting for him, Bush shouldn't either. When are elections again?

Oct 6, 2002

Meet me for Ocktails

Painted over 'Cocktails' sign near Rio Del Mar Beach - Aptos,California

Oct 2, 2002

I'm busy getting experienced this week

So far it's great. More soon. By soon I mean not soon at all.