Feb 28, 2002

New rags

I gave musicrag a little redesign. It's not finished. You can let me know what you think in the comments here. Yep, I rolled back to plain old tables after fighting with CSS for a while. If you don't understand the last sentence it's ok shhh shhh, move along, pretty colors. That's all.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy Birthday, Julianne!

Feb 27, 2002


I hate it when idiots run the show. Heather Hamilton was let go from her company because of the views she expressed on her blog. However, she never named names and her only real crime is using her real name on her site. It turns out some lame-ass coward found her site and turned Heather in to her superiors. I wonder how that meeting went when all the VP's were sitting around after being tipped off.
In the boardroom...
VP 1: Man, I can't believe it. What a great site. Clean design, insightful funny jibes at the company. Who would have thought she would have the time...
VP 2: (Cuts off VP1) Shut up! She made fun of me for saying 'productize our deliverables so that we can optimize our solution cycles' at the Christmas party. That's not funny. We really do need to do that... productize our solution... I mean deliver cycle... YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. We have to fire her!
VP 1: It's true though, that Asian database administrator always has his IM set to 'mad'. That pisses me off too.
VP 3: Gentlemen I think we are missing the point. We were hired to be the thinkers at this company and we can't have our employees running around willy nilly thinking other thoughts than 'company approved' thoughts. Blah, blah, blah...
VP 1: (Thinks to self) Man, this is like a 'Brave New World' I should really have finished that book in 10th grade college prep English. Maybe I would know how to handle this situation instead of acting like a neutered twit.
I'm sure this went on for a few hours and at the end the gentlemen with a few flapjacks short of a stack won out. I'm sorry Heather. Sadly, I don't know if this is the last we will hear of folks being let go because of the views expressed on their websites. In the meanwhile, I found Heather's Amazon Wishlist so you can send her a 'Sorry your company is so lame' gift or you can always send her some cash.

Feb 26, 2002

No bull

This morning as I was going on a coffee run, a grizzled looking rancher (and backhoe operator it turns out) pulls up to a halt in front of our house. He quiets the two dogs with him in the front cab and takes a drag on his cigarette (it's not even 9 AM yet). Then he begins our strange conversation:
Rancher Guy: Uh, hi...
Me: Hi, can I help you?
Rancher Guy: Yes, and I know this is gonna sound like a stupid question but... uh... have you seen a bull around here? One of mine got out last night. It's light brown, pretty big, kinda mean looking...?
Me: Uh, no but I'll keep an eye peeled.
Rancher Guy: Thanks anyway, here's my card. Page me if you do see him, thanks!
Then he was gone in a whiff of smoke in his rusted pickup. Off to find the bull. On my street. Yep. I love this neighborhood.

Feb 25, 2002

Pony Cam

This is the view out my back door this morning. I have no idea what is up with the ponies. They sure aren't mine.

Feb 24, 2002

It's tomorrow

Whoever first said, 'The diet starts tomorrow' is now very likely an obese man. In other news... damn you Lofthouse cookies! Your fragrant nectar (frosting) has sucked me in for the last time. Or at least until Thursday.

Feb 21, 2002

I can't talk about it

Something happened. I can't talk about it. This has been happening a lot lately. It's good. Weird, but good. Discuss things you can't talk about.

Feb 19, 2002

At the risk of losing all male readership

The past few months of preparation for our coming child have been interesting. I've assembled a crib, a cradle, a rocking chair, a stroller, a set of shelves and a changing table. I've painted the baby's nursery, sanded and painted the changing table (I'm up to 3 coats on this changing table, a fourth and hopefully final coat to be added this week), and over the last two days I painted a moon and stars on the walls of the nursery.

Allison and I have registered. Shopped. Returned. Bought a station wagon. Shopped again. Gone to childbirth preparation classes. Visited the doctor, many times. Toured the hospital (it's only 15 minutes away if I drive 90!). Been to showers for Allison. Planned for her to stop work at the end of this month. Played classical music via headphones to the womb. All of this for a little tiny kid.

Whenever I think of any of this as hard work though, I am reminded, not by Allison, that I don't have to force the thing out of my uterus. I'm sure it's all worth it though. The baby is already hip to good music. Yesterday, in the car he/she kicked like wild for Beck and seems to be a Get Up Kids fan as well.

This is gonna be fun.

Click on the pictures for larger detail.

Feb 18, 2002

Hop in the IPO time machine with me kids

Is it 2000 again? Petco, a once publicly traded company that went private in October is going for IPO number two. This on the heals of PayPal's IPO last week. The Shellen Market WatchTM is issuing a 'remember the sock puppet' warning on this offering.

Now that it's practically 1999 again, I am ready to meet with venture capital folks again. If you are a VC please give me a jingle. I won't even ask for anything north of $2M this time. I promise.

Feb 17, 2002


Please, someone, anyone, write a nearly automatic SpamCop reporter for Outlook/Win2K/XP like Mr.Barrett has done for Mac users. Hurry.

April fool in utero

Have I mentioned that our doctor recently moved the baby's due date to April 1st? I hope our child has a good sense of humor if this is the actual birthdate. I am not kidding about this, although I have never given you any reason to believe otherwise. You'll just have to trust me here.

Feb 15, 2002

What a weird day for PayPal to screw Pyra over

So, this is shitty. Ugh! I have been a huge advocate of PayPal too. I even have the nifty see-thru PayPal Visa. I'll have to think twice about keeping that one. Pyrads, Waredevil and Blogger Pro all use PayPal, not to mention the future products that we had planned to use in conjunction with their payment service. I had such hopes that today's PayPal IPO would bring credibility to their company and convice fence sitters to jump in to an easier way to transact on the web. I hereby retract my hopes.

I wonder if any company can act like a bank without acting like a bank?

Feb 14, 2002

Pre-lunch contemplation

Would Allison notice if the half-used roll of sugar cookie dough in the fridge suddenly went missing? How about that can of frosting too?

Feb 13, 2002

Upgrade to 'less' features

Before you rush out and upgrade to MS Office XP like your good buddy Jason, consider a recent collaboration problem I have been having with Net Folders in Outlook 2002.
About Net Folders and Outlook 2002
Microsoft Outlook 2002 discontinues support for Net Folders.

Net Folders are Outlook folders you could use in earlier versions of Outlook to automatically share information from your computer across the Internet. Information you placed in Net Folders in an earlier version of Outlook is still available to you, but not to any other user.
Anyone out there know of a workaround for this problem? I think Office 2004 will come with a swift kick in the teeth at no additional cost.

Feb 6, 2002

Me neither

Ev mentioned that he is not dead just busy with a good reason. One might suggest that we have the same temporary situation. More soon....

Feb 1, 2002

Currently, I am ranked fourth on Google for the term 'free winona'. I couldn't be more proud (and we wish your shoplifting self a speedy trial Ms. Ryder).

Jason finds meeting the familiar strangers unnerving.