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Going out of town for a bit during the holidays? The USPS now offers free Hold Mail Service ordering online. Nice!

Jolly young elf

Drew, now 8 months old, in an outtake from the Shellen family Christmas card photo shoot. Allison's favorite photo won out.

Hey, now I have a good reason to go to Tokyo!

Joi Ito's Web: San Francisco UpdateI also met Evan Williams and Jason Shellen of Blogger the day before yesterday. They were very cool. Unfortunately I took the restroom key with me by mistake. Sorry guys! (Not the best way to make friends...)This would be more funny if we weren't accidentally pocketing the other bathroom keys and leaving an employee or two in the lurch.


Thanks to an old friend over at Handspring my new Treo 300 arrived on Monday. Despite my concerns earlier this year about the Treo 180 and 280, I am very happy with this new device. Since I already had Sprint service no number change was necessary and I swapped my plan over to a new 'unlimited wireless' PCS Vision plan, it took about 20 minutes to get set up over the phone. Email and web access on BART is now easy as pie. Soon another favorite activity will be just as easy ;). More on this soon. The biggest benefit right now is that I'm using a Palm device again. Although I still own a Palm IIIv and a Palm VII, neither of them were seeing much action lately. Carrying a candy bar sized phone and a PDA requires a purse or fanny pack of some sort. Since those *ahem* weren't options for me I'm glad to have a useful device that not only replaces my phone and pda but can substitute for my laptop in a pinch too. Here are just a few quick notes for other Treo owners out th…
IHT: Bush to declare Iraq in violation of resolution I am completely shocked! (No, not really. Bush 43 gets what he wants, in this case a war with Iraq.) - vintage album covers
Looking for some streaming holiday music? Try the Nullsoft FESTIVUS Holiday Radio, stream now or choose your own. Christmas, Kwaanza or Hannukah beats.
San Francisco isn't kidding around with the rain today storm this weekend. I personally have a quart or two of it on my head to prove it.
[update: 12.16.2002] Turns out it's not your average rain storm. On Friday, most of the Pyra team and I saw the rear end of a mid-size Japanese car resting peacefully atop the front of a VW Golf in downtown SF care of the slick conditions. In addition, my fence is minus one fence post due to almost 100 mph winds and the hillside near my house is slowly sliding towards the street. Hatches will be battened!

It's so easy.

As you may have noticed, it's far easier to update the new right sidebar feature 'on the side' with trite drivel than the main blog. I'll have to work harder at the longer trite drivel. was a bit more graphic than expected.
Iran-Contra Reunion Newsletter Item By the way, the war monger crowd gets the uber cool nickname 'war bloggers', how about us peaceniks? 'paxblogger', 'blogatopians', 'p-bloggers' [?]

I need your assistance

I'm doing a bit of research on thought leaders who blog. The gentleman pictured on the left is of course the rock star Moby. He blogs. He doesn't use Blogger, but we will let that slide. So here is my question: What other people have you found with blogs, they don't have to be powered by Blogger, who were famous or well known before they began blogging?(In other words, Jason Kottke would be disqualified because he is famous for blogging. Here are a list of authors, journalists, and other folks who I am aware of already: Chris Matthews, Dan Bricklin, Ray Ozzie, Barbie, Douglas Rushkoff, Wil Wheaton, RuPaul, Virginia Postrel, Jon Udell, Scott Rosenberg, Neil Gaiman, Roger Avary, Lawrence Lessig, Adam Curry, Seth Godin, Jeremy Allaire and Neal Pollack. Who can you think of? I would appreciate it if you would spread the word. Thanks.
Aw, cmon! 'The Living Daylights' was a great Bond flick. Sorry, I'll always stand by my standard 'Timothy Dalton was the best Bond after Connery' line any day.
'Raytheon is best known for its Tomahawk cruise missile, the preferred method for getting any party started.'
Tell your broker that you want to invest in The Perpetual War Portfolio today!
It's good to see that some people aren't scared of using the CSS position property.
Yowza!Study links biking, male infertility 'Frequent jolts, vibration may cause abnormalities in scrotum'
For those folks on your Christmas list that like to spin the wheels of steel, The DJ Shoulder Bag from Yak Pak is the coolest. The deal of the season though is Yak Pak's $10 for 3 bags sample bag special. *Disclaimer* you may receive a fanny pack.
Forget Notepad, try Metapad. In XP you can even make it transparent.