Conversations from suburbia

Watching the news on tv (the term news is used loosely as it was likely MTV or E! news)....

Jason : Great. First that boy band kid and now Cindy Crawford says she wants to go up in space with the Russians.
Allison : Yeah, it's going to be the new 'I'm doing Playboy.'
Jason : I love you.

...and scene.

Deciding what to watch on a Sunday night not too long ago...

Jason : So do you want to see what Crank Yankers is like or do you want to watch 'Say Anything' for the 101st time?
Allison : Isn't that the show with the stupid puppets making prank phone calls?
Jason : Um, yes?
Allison : ...
Jason : Ok, so 'Say Anything' then?

... and scene.

We should both really read more.


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