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Suburbia revisited

This morning...

Allison : You were snoring so loud last night I dreamt I was riding a motor scooter.
Jason :!!!

Conversations from suburbia

Watching the news on tv (the term news is used loosely as it was likely MTV or E! news)....

Jason : Great. First that boy band kid and now Cindy Crawford says she wants to go up in space with the Russians.
Allison : Yeah, it's going to be the new 'I'm doing Playboy.'
Jason : I love you.

...and scene.

Deciding what to watch on a Sunday night not too long ago...

Jason : So do you want to see what Crank Yankers is like or do you want to watch 'Say Anything' for the 101st time?
Allison : Isn't that the show with the stupid puppets making prank phone calls?
Jason : Um, yes?
Allison : ...
Jason : Ok, so 'Say Anything' then?

... and scene.

We should both really read more.

It's you or me spam, and it sure isn't gonna be me

Looks like there is quite a bit of headway being made in the spam killing, unwanted email thwarting space lately. A while back, I had requested that someone build a SpamCop auto-reporter for Outlook on Windows like Mr.Barrett had done for Macs. I still haven't seen that however my more recent thought regarding spam was 'Gee, wouldn't it be great if someone added a junk sender to their ignore list if it would be added to my list too?' Enter Cloudmark SpamNet a peer to peer Outlook add-in for Windows. I'm eager to see if this will work. I'll keep you posted. I have high hopes since it uses Vipul's Razor which is also a key component of the more complex mail filter SpamAssassin. Even Spam Assassin has a Windows product being developed around it, SpamAssassin Pro. I guess there is hope yet for those of us unwilling to cast our PC's aside for sterile looking iBooks.

[Cloudmark link via ]

It's hard to position yourself but I believe it can be done

One of the glorious side effects of being mentioned in Fortune magazine are the countless email we are now receiving wishing us well... and pitching us their products. A sample: Nottherealname Marketing has strategically positioned itself to conduct some of the most successful advertising campaigns on the internet.


We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a cutting edge E-business solution provider with development center in Mumbai-India and presence in New York-USA and Dubai-Middle East. The people onboard have several years of experience working on Java, J2EE & Microsoft platforms using a variety of Application Servers. I'm changing my spam filter to include 'E-business solution provider' and 'strategically positioned'. I might add 'cutting edge' while I'm at it.

Not just cool, the coolest!

Q: So Jason, how does it feel to help run the coolest media company for 2002?
A: Bitchin' man. Bitchin'. Now excuse me I'm late for lunch with Matt Damon and the Afflecks.

California coastline

Bodega Bay - June 10, 2002 around 6PM

Want this picture as a desktop background?
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Don't shoot the messenger

Anil is right:No one has ever, ever said, 'Hey baby, I like the way that skort looks on you.' I think it is due to the deceptive nature of the skort. Damn skorts, screwing up a perfectly good skirt.

Great morning!

I woke up this morning and pointed Winamp to Grant'scollege radio show and was treated to a selection of music that I couldn't have picked better myself starting with The Breeders - 'Last Splash'. This was the perfect soundtrack for reading a few Morning News articles like Mena Trott's article, 'Doolittle: Recollections based on the album Doolittle, by the Pixies' and '10 Ways My Dog is Capable of Advanced Logic' by Heather B. Hamilton (yes Heather). Now if I could just get caught up on the last weeks worth of Mecawilson I would be set for humor content for at least a few days.

8 weeks old already!?


Flash 99% good?

CNET | Flash critic to coach Macromedia. Yep, Jacob Nielsen and his posse are consulting for Macromedia on a style guide for Flash MX. It's just one of those headlines I thought I would never see. I'm sure it will be good for Flash users especially since Flash MX seems to be such a vast improvement from former editions. The thing I worry about with Nielsen is his love for a homogeneous web. One of his chief concerns has been that the web is like the wild west in terms of standard navigation buttons. However, how many times would you like to visit business sites that are nothing but the same page rehashed except for the logo? It's one thing identifying common components of web sites it's quite another to say they should all look and feel the same way. Besides, the wild west is fun. Hop on your 216 color palomino and ride towards the horizontal navigation bar.