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Dr. Strangelink or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Googlebomb

Psst! You there... yeah come closer. Ok, that was too close now there's a smudge on the monitor. I have a secret. It's about the googlebomb, or Google bomb or link bombing or whatever you want to call it. The subject has received a lotofattentionrecently. As you probably know, a Google bomb is the practice of linking to a site with a term that wouldn't normally have an association with the term. For instance 'more evil than satan himself' was linked to, so when the term 'more evil than satan himself' was typed in a search engine the Microsoft site would appear as the top search engine match. Clever. Clever indeed. The above method involves a bit of coordination with your fellow bloggers or webmasters, getting all of them to add your clever link but it can be done. Matt Haughey was successful in his bid to get people to link to an annoying company. I've thought of asking my readers to link me as Jason Shellen, rather than Shellen, so I can…

Need the cocoa bean

No coffee two mornings in a row for your recently re-addicted friend Jason spells trouble. I'll be right back with my fix.

[update: Oh yeah that's the stuff. I had to go for the venti instead of the usual grande, a possibly disturbing trend.]

Form over function

I am wearing a 'rugby' shirt today. I have called out said shirt with quotes because I am using the term rugby loosely. I have never been asked by the neighborhood kids to join in on one of their spirited rugby matches solely because of this shirt. It's rubber buttons offering protection from the crushing blows of the opposition. I can't keep up this shirt sham. I may soon have to lower myself by referring to it as 'a shirt'. Same goes for the 'polo' shirts I own. Not once has a neighbor boy or girl pulled up to the front door on their polo pony to ask me to round out the north side of the avenue team. I will have to separate them in the closet from the items of clothing that are actually pulling their weight such as my overcoat and windbreaker. Faithfully going over my coats and breaking wind respectively.

Happy Birthday Jack!

I can't believe my nephew Jack is already 1 ! Could it be a year since all the hubbub surrounding his birth? When all those well wishers stopping by his very own site. Seems like yesterday he was trying to roll over and now he's learning to walk. Good times. I'm looking forward to them with my own first child any day now. But for now, my duties as proud uncle still compel me. Auntie Allison and Uncle Jason had spoiling duties for the occasion.

[Ok, so I'm a few days late on the post, I guess I could back date it to the 22nd, but you would notice that wouldn't you?]

No baby yet

I realize I haven't posted here in a few days and my wife is close to delivering our first born. The two have no correlation, there is no news yet I am just a lazy blogger. More soon.

Oh go on you

<blush>I was just told during a phone call that I have an incredible insight into what is happening in technology and particularly on the web. Hey thanks!</blush>

Need a new skin for Winamp? Go grade school retro!


Another company with a sense of humor

From the Winamp Beta 3 installer: This is beta software. Play with it as much as you like, but don't blame us if it melts your computer into a pile of scrap metal or steals your girlfriend. (We've received reports of this happening). It's always amazed me that AOL has had the good sense to let Nullsoft keep their creative, free spirit identity.

Mini type

Ok, I admit I'm bad about reading software licenses and real estate documentation but when someone asks for my email address for marketing purposes I'm hawk-like. I was visiting the MiniUSA site because I have been lusting over their new Mini Cooper. Below is a screenshot of what they want you to agree to before you can save your custom designed Cooper on their site.

I signed up anyway. I hope Cooper Shellen won't mind.


Last year when I shot a few pictures of snow-covered Mission Peak in Fremont, California I described it by saying 'snow is very rare here'. I think that in light of the above photo taken last Sunday by my dad, Jay Shellen, that I will now refer to the Bay Area as snow country.
Hello Moto.

I am just all over the place!!!

Check out Heather Champ's arty piece for 20x2 which debuted in Austin at SXSW this week. It's called What is real? and features my voice at 53 seconds in to the piece. Wacky. Nice job, Heather.

I'm on TechTV tonight

Hey all, I'm typing this as TechTV is shooting footage for a story on blogging to air tonight. Watch for me around 6PM (and tape it), I don't get their channel at home. :(

The biggest internet borefest ever!!!

So the big announcement from Yahoo is... are you ready.... sit down now... a sale. Lame and a half. I hate to give it this much ink. You might want to short your Yahoo stock starting... now.

Ok, I'll bite...

What is Yahoo going to announce? Is it mLife again? Mlife was boring. How about something interesting... like an internet circus or the President giving a speech while the Chemical Brothers spin on the turntables in the background or online hog trading like an e*trade for pigs. Better yet, a free Tivo for every man, woman and child on earth with the ability to wireless-ly watch taped HBO on your existing Texas Instruments TI-81 calculator that you haven't used since that Algebra 2/Trig class in junior year of high school! Nah, I bet it's going to be boring.


I'm telling you it's looking more and more like someone put us in a time machine back to 1999. Safeway online will launch internet/home delivery operations in San Francisco next week.

Lost and found

Aha! I thought the maps looked a little different today during a few Yahoo! Maps and Mapquest searches. Turns out, Yahoo has kicked Mapquest to the curb (ha!). Yahoo said Wednesday that it has stopped using AOL Time Warner online street finder unit MapQuest, and has instead created its own mapping service. So far the Yahoo maps look a little nicer than the Mapquest maps.

Steal music more efficiently

So you miss Napster and are wondering how you should go about finding and downloading mp3s, movies, and almost anything? I suggest Limewire Pro. I have been using Limewire for over a year and have been very happy with each new software revision. I have tried Kazaa and Morpheus and was disappointed. Mainly in their weird names and pop-up ads (seriously, their software seemed to be inferior to Limewire). I was pleasantly surprised to see Limewire offering a paid Pro version for only $8.50. I happily paid for this new release and was treated to some great new features. When downloading a popular file that is available on many hosts it can download said file, from multiple hosts, I think it's called 'swarming'. Anyway, it certainly speeds up the download time. It also has an internal mp3 player, the ability to close the program after completing downloads, running only in the system tray and more. Of course, this will just mean that you will end up buying more cds if you like…

I'm a 19 inch guy living in a 15 inch world

My main monitor just took a dive. I fear it is no more. I was given a Relisys monitor by a client as a thank you for some design work I had done about 2 years ago. It's been back to the repair shop twice already and was making a high pitched whine for the last 3 months. Between the whine and the horrible color shift that has been slowly creeping up on this monitor I was beginning to look for another option anyway. However, my trusty 15 inch Sony Trinitron (about 8 years old now) is still going strong. I'm kind of leaning to another Trinitron to replace the Relisys. Do you have any monitor recommendations, love 'em, hate 'em?

Currently thinking...

I'm going to drink a pot of coffee every day if I get as much done as I have today. Plus the involuntary shaking is invigorating.

Jack in the box

Jack being subjected to the cruel Shellen wit at Dad's birthday bash last Saturday.

Things that might get in the way of our friendship

I seem to gravitate towards lists of things on Fridays. I'm thinking of making Fridays 'List Friday', but as soon as I do that then I'll feel bound and constrained by my own invention and flake out on it so we will just keep it informal for now, ok? Here are a few things that might not end our friendship, I still value your friendship but damn it... some of these have got to go: Calling a GIF file a 'Jif'. Jif is a brand of peanut butter. A GIF [say g-if, like Frank GIFford], is a Graphic Interchange Format filename. Not a Jraphic Interchange Format filename. I'll give you a few weeks on this one, you have been saying it wrong for the better part of 4 years. Saying 'Let's touch bases'. It's touch base. Touch base. Touching bases sounds pornographic and I want no part in your swordplay. Inviting me to do interesting stuff when you know I have a child on the way (and sometimes chastising me afterward). I've been offered concert ticke…