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Visiting the Trialware section at Symantec elicited the message displayed on the left to pop up from their website. I assure you that in fact I am using Internet Explorer version 6.0.26 and would not be caught dead in the vicinity of a 3.0 era browser for fear of catching an Active-X cootie. This is the online equivalent of saying 'Your barn door is open. Hah, made you look!' Sounds like a case for the folks over at Design not Found.
Don't you hate it when...
You are the founder of a large online stock image supplier and one your other companies licenses an image from a competing online stock image supplier to place on their homepage[screenshot]. Man, that would burn me up. Bill, you are a bigger man than I.

Today's goofy wrong number...

Them: I'm just calling to see if you guys sell firewood.
Me: Don't you read
See it made!

Old Danish Food Farm Fudge Kitchen in Solvang, CA - November 7, 2001
Someone has been reading my mind
Bondcliff wonders 'What do you say to a fetus?'

Another shoebox full of links

Since the links and random thoughts are just piling up here over at and we are trying to clean house before we have the family over for the 22-pound bird on Thursday I better post 'em now. Lots of self referential stuff here too (yeah, I'm not sure how that's different from any other day either). While at Ev's apartment working on the new Pentium 4 killer, patent-pending Pyra V chip, we took a break long enough to have a picture snapped with somefriends.Happily spreading memesMy shampoo says 'normalizing shampoo' but I feel the same. I guess it was just wishful thinking on my part.Grant just dedicated a Dilated Peoples song to me on his radio show with the comment 'I think he thinks he's African American or something.' Geez, you tell a guy you like the Outkast album 'Stankonia' and you get branded a hip hop supastar.While were are on the music tip, the make-up show for the cancelled Weezer show from 9/11 in San Jose was last nig…
Rockin' the Central Coast (and the web)
Grant is on the air right now and will be until 5pm. You can listen in at home [helps if you have Real or WinAmp installed].
How judgemental of you...
I know a lot of you assume that people who work from home don't shower until noon and wear slippers all day. This is simply not true. Sometimes we wear socks instead.

The Shellen Tech Index [TSTI]

While I haven't one specific reason to point to that the economy will pull it's nose out of the tailspin... I'm getting an end of the movie reach for your loved one's hand, sniffly feeling that denouement is approaching. Maybe it's just me. Meanwhile back in Gotham City...
An old friend of has cashed in his pocket protector and mouse for a chef's apron. Having returned from a long consulting stint in Japan for a well known web agency he was given the keys to the street after dodging three or so rounds of layoffs. Sensing that it was time for a change of pace, he enrolled in the California Culinary Academy. Keep up with the chef in training at gangcandy : a year in the kitchen.
Lyric check
I know what ' H to the izz-O, V to the izz A' means and I am not happy about it at all. Not at all.
Perks of being the ad approval guy for pyRads
I get to see a lot of funny submissions like this memo from Osama to his cavemates.
Wish I may
I have seen two falling stars in the last week and the Leonid Meteor shower is still three days away. They say it's going to be the most spectacular one in 35 years. I will be wearing a helmet and keeping the binoculars handy this weekend.
Because humans read words, not banners
Punch the monkey and win! Register and win! Buy a domain name now! Stop using exclamation points! Everyoneissick of cheesy banner ads, sick of people talking about how banner ads suck, tired of the intrusion of pop-up, pop-under and interstitial advertising during your normal web browsing. Do you even pay attention to that stuff anymore? Now many popularsites have taken to using massive ads to grab your attention. What is the solution? PyRads.Ev and I have been working on this for a few weeks and just launched it this morning. PyRadsTM is a service for purchasing, managing, and serving micro advertising (or text) on web sites. Having purchased, designed, and sold banner ads in the past I would not be sad to see them go away in favor of text ads. Anyway, we thought it was a good idea and way less intrusive than traditional advertising. Pretty soon we will be offering the system to folks with community, niche, or portal sites who need a text ad m…
Announcement time...
Come back tomorrow for news on some of the 'top secret' stuff I have been working on.
Round 3: Fight!
Yep... off to the dentist again. This time to install a porch swing and maybe some of those nice flower boxes. I am a lagard I know but with enough pestering, 'The Laughing Gas Incident' will make it up here soon. By the way, this is your last chance to enter the official war 2001 logo design contest. Every good skirmish needs a great logo. Vietnam's logo sucked.
Woo hoo!
New drive running... Windows XP installed... on my way back to healthy computing. More after things are smoothed out. I will get my normal email client back up and running tomorrow, so await my witty retorts if you have emailed me.
24 hours later and little progress
Hair has been pulled. Systems torn apart. Looks like the only cure will be a new hard drive and a disk recovery tool... and maybe a masseuse.
A helpful message from repair mode of my Windows 2000 Professional Setup CD: 'Setup has determined that your computer's startup hard disk is new or has been erased, or that your computer is running an operating system that is incompatible with Windows 2000' The disk is neither new nor has it been erased and the last time I checked, Windows 2000 was compatible with itself. Ugh! This may put a kink in my plans to sleep tonight.
Am I a Terrorist or a Member of Al-Qaeda or a Taliban Fighter or Not?
If you became a Dack fan through his writings about the web like 'Flash is Evil' and 'The Web Economy Bullshit Generator' then maybe you will appreciate his take on the Current SituationTM.
Warning: This link may contain graphic images of humans hurt by the US bombings in Afghanistan.
I'm off to a strange little town called Solvang
Riding in the Solvang Prelude. Pictures and stories upon my return.