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Weren't ads supposed to get smarter?
The downturn in the ad industry has officially hit bottom. Why on earth would I (let alone anyone) receive the below ad embedded in a story about the possible sale of Exodus Communications?

[screenshot from]
Hit the mall with Britney? I would rather see Bob Dole explain his recent Pepsi gaffe than see Britney hit the mall. If this is what the future of web advertising holds then let me off the ride now, I'm gonna be sick. Hey advertisers, have you heard of context. It's all about the context.

TGIF is not just a bad chain restaurant

Here are some links I have been keeping in a shoebox on my desk. I blew the dust off and am now sharing them with you. Kiss your morning (or afternoon goodbye) if you choose to follow these: Top 10 Toys from The Seventies (Boy Edition)
I owned 4 out of 10. I thought the other 6 were pretty bitchin' but Santa never delivered them for some reason. Photo from the Jay Moriarity memorial paddle out :: 6.26.01
I hear it was a pretty emotional event. The 500 surfers present were in 3 circles until Jay's widow, Kim, called for everyone to crowd in so everyone could hear Jay's friends eulogize him. This pic was taken after everyone crowded in. Here is a close-up pic I took of the memorial on 36th Avenue. Degrassi lives!
This is the next generation. If you, like me, saw this Canadian TV show when it was Degrassi Jr. High and then morph into Degrassi High then ... I don't know what... will be ashamed that you watched it as well? Kevin Smith is rumored to be appearing in the first e…
Server server on the rack

Meet Gyro the web server. Gyro now serves and a couple of personal sites but we all know it's main purpose in life... to serve baby pictures. I finally found a great 2u rackmount case in Los Altos for $100. The saleswoman told me ' We built these for Yahoo but they cancelled their order.' They had them stacked to the ceiling so this could be true. This was a godsend after a very unsuccessful bidding session on eBay. At the final seconds of trying to bid for a 1u rack case, snipers aproached raising my original bid of $100 to $130. I freaked out. I raised my bid a good $50 over what I had planned. I never win anything on eBay. This was no exception. Oh well it all worked out in the end and little Gyro now has a twin-fan cooled home. Thanks to Ev for install help and taking in this straggler.
Musicrag will be down for a bit (it's currently in the trunk of my car awaiting delivery to it's new home) but should be back up in the next 72 hours. I'll keep you posted. Thanks.
I spelled it wrong, that's unpossible!
Yep, Blogger now has a free spellcheck function! I don't know who will be more happy, Blog readers or Blog writers.
Commence the tax refund jig
I have been denying myself the joys of a major consumer splurge for some time now. I keep hearing in the back of my mind, 'Your TV is too small and a digital camcorder would be nice too.' Turns out it was my brother Taylor whispering this in my ear every time he comes over. Jerk. Call it machismo or call it good marketing but the boys in Tokyo will have a good chunk of my money soon. This is already on it's way.
The snarky posts continue...
...with a great quote from A List Apart's lastest issue #114 - The Client Did It. This is part of a rant almost every web designer can empathize with and secretly wishes to deliver some day. ' You've just told me how to design your site to a tee, and I can tell you now, it will look like something your 10-year-old son has thrown together with a freeware WYSIWYG editor while sniffing glue.' Clients. Can't live with 'em, can't make payments on the cigarette boat without 'em.
My cousin Giorgio from Italy thinks 'Dude, Where's my car?' should have gotten an Oscar.
Check out this great take on those lame Olive Garden ads. If you wouldn't be caught dead watching The Sopranos then skip it.
Jay Moriarity :: 1978 - 2001
I woke up Sunday morning to some really bad news. Jay Moriarity had died. My heart sunk. I was about to spend the day in Santa Cruz, his hometown and I couldn't stop thinking of him all day. Before I left Santa Cruz tonight I stopped by one of the many quickly put together memorials to Jay along the ocean and wondered how he could already be gone. Jay is one of my heroes. It sounds strange to say it. After all Jay is five years younger than I am but if you had ever seen the man surf you would understand. I first heard about Jay in January of 1995. Hawaiian surfer Mark Foo had just died a few weeks earlier at a local surf spot, Maverick's near Half Moon Bay. Maverick's had a reputation for being a hellacious and awesome spot to surf. Rumors were swirling that a young kid had wiped out just a few days before Mark had died but he had survived. It wasn't until I laid eyes on Jay in the May 1995 Surfer Magazine that I began to understand wha…
Attention hardware collectors
If you have a 1u rack mount case lying around that you would like to sell to me for around $100 (or less), speak now or forever hold your peace.
And in the must have web apps category...
Go To My PC allows you to remotely control your PC via a browser interface. I'll say it again slowly... 'control your PC via a browser'. Wow. They were recently named a finalist in the PC Magazine Innovation awards.
[link via Dad]
Some are lounge, others are porch...

The Shellen family Porch lizard
Mmmm sexy...
The End of Free is back up and looking good. Feel free to email me if you have info on companies that are switching from a free model to a paid model and we haven't already chronicled it on TEOF. Thanks.
...on the wall.
Here is a pic of me in the new and improved Mirror Project. If you have a picture of yourself taken in a reflective surface, head on over and submit yours. If not, you can just look at all the bitchin' pics from around the world. ( I am trying to bring back the word ' bitchin' ', won't you help?)
Chew on this...
I was asked today to help design some Indian Wedding invitations. Life is weird.
While checking out my referrer logs, a list of sites that link to, I found a curious entry on the Spanish weblog done by Eduardo Arcos. Here are the (poorly translated) results via Google: Friday, April 13, 2001
The things by pyra (now only Blogger) it seems that they are improving... I imagine that the way has not been very pretty since the things were not well but reading this post of Ev in which it tells us that despues of about two months that the company handled single, has entered a new member.
Then good, I out of danger feel like or of which the things by alla are seen or, the great community of webloggers this :-) Indeed 'the way has not been very pretty' but it's coming around. Why did I chose to take French in high school? You really don't see a lot of imigrant French in California. Did I think that I would often be in France or Belgium? Could it have been it's connotation with the kissing of the same name? Silly I tell …
That's what I'm talking about... not to mention more talented.
Salma Sexier Than J-Lo, U.S. Hispanics Say
Speaking of death...
As one of five contributors to I should be happy that CNET mentions us in their scary sounding article Death of the free web: A segregation of information feared. Instead, I am disheartened that the reporter did not simply say, 'This web site is currently having technical difficulties' instead she chose to say 'The site recently was shut down.' and speaks about the site in the past tense. is not dead, just a victim of the recent T-1 outage at Pyra. Be back soon. We promise.
If I wait almost a week to post it will seem like I have more to say...(or the Anti-Tricky Dick speech)
Hi friends. Bet you thought your buddy Jason had left you out in the hot summer sun without any updates on the site. Truth is I have been busier than a fry cook in a truck stop (with less fried food smell in my clothes, thankfully). The upside to the long dry spell on good ole is that I will never announce that I am 'taking a break' or 'putting things on hold' or 'coming up for air'. Apparently that is the proper etiquette. Miss Manners be damned. If I want to take a break, well I will just do so without telling you. How you like me now? Truth be told most of the people that visit this site (both of them) know why I have long empty stretches. I never receive email saying, 'What the hell?'. The fans usually just ask me casually as we sit poolside drinking beer, 'What's with the updates dude?' and 'What's Mom making f…