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If you are in the Bay Area, I would hold off on getting a Cingular wireless phone for a while. Cingular has oversold their system. This results in every third call-in (or out) receiving the dreaded 'All circuits are busy. Please try your call again later.' A side note, if you have been calling me and receiving the above message, please try you call again later. All circuits are busy sending angry email to Cingular customer service about how they will be replaced by another provider if they don't get on the ball. Thank you.
A new pic for the Jack fans in the house. More to come...

In the mood for broken dreams?

On Amol Sarva's site How To Burn: from Silicon Startup to Dot-com Disaster, he recounts his days with 'Free PC' company Gobi in 'My Time Online: the RCN deal'. Truly well written. Be prepared to run outside for a fresh breath of air after reading if you have been in a similar situation lately. It may hit a little too close to home for some.
Chic: Let's go see Pearl Harbor.
Dude: Uh, it looks lame.
Chic: But it's a love story!
The movie was not attended by the above chic and dude. God bless 'em.
Another one bites the dust...
I have noticed that since at least Friday that the new Bay Area Rapid Transit site ( that I had raved about recently, has been offline. I would like to clear up any confusion here. Blogger and Pyra have nothing to do with this outage, nor are we grinning ear to ear that another high traffic site is suffering the same kind of outage we had last week. We just don't feel quite as bad anymore. Misery loves company. Happy Birthday Taylor!
I'm not the only one with internet connectivity troubles...
Pacific Bell outage affects Net, 911 - Tech News -
There will be no crying. I came home to a fresh plate of brownies, thanks to Allison.
I am giving serious thought to crying myself to sleep tonight.
the end?
Everything that has been going on in my little world reminds me of an old favorite.
If I hear, ' Thank you for calling First World Communications' one more time I might snap.
Note to self
You can't always <!-- include virtual="path/filename"--> sometimes you just have to <!-- include file="path/filename"-->. So knock it off already. Your pal,
Who doesn't love fudge?
Like hotcakes I tell you...
After a few weeks of working on this, I launched the Blogger Store last night. I wondered how things would take off, how many people would see this on a Sunday? No worries it appears. There are plenty of Blogger fans. WOW. Shirts are selling briskly. If you want one act now. While we are on the subject of hotcakes, Eggo Buttermilk Pancakes (although not an official part of my dietary regimen) are damn good!
Read this, then write your representatives (I am not kidding)
Former President Jimmy Carter has a great piece in the Washington Post: Misinformation and Scare Tactics talking about George Jr.'s recent energy plan and what to do about it. You go now. Read up. Then act.
I take it back
In light of this... Car Bomb Kills Seven in Colombia City. I am not really sure that Dave needed to apologize.
Jennifer LopezShemustbestopped.
Art by the pound
A recent bit of spam email caught my attention... For a limited time.... Beautiful, 100% Custom Websites, $389 Complete! Get a first class, Custom Web Site (or yours redesigned) for only $389!* (add a Flash intro, $199!) Includes up to 6 pages, java rollover buttons, feedback forms, more. It will be constructed to your taste and specifications. We do not use templates. Our sites are completely custom. These must look really nice. I mean $389 Complete. Phweew! Actually this reminds me more of when those guys walk into your office uninvited hawking artwork. 'Hey, need any art?' 'Your walls look bare, you could probably use a crappy Monet print. Maybe a bald eagle with an F-15 in the background. Maybe one of those 3D posters? C'mon man they are only $30!' No thanks. You can put any price on art but be wary of people who hold art in the same league as an oil change.
Murderer returns to the scene of the crime
Every so often some of the kids playing on the pixelated playground decide to: Put their website on hold and take a breatherKill a portion of the siteKill it entirely All of the above are fine things to do, except that they are online and people begin to notice and gather around as if a train had run over the spot formerly occupied by this particular entity. But does anyone go back to the former site months later to leave flowers at the foot of their monitor pedestal to pay their respects? Well, I do. My favorite 'death' recently is the site of a friend currently in Japan. His site was an open soul bearing kind of site, not much to hide. I used to link to it over on the right bar 'recommends', but after his first death announcement I removed it. Well this is the worst rigor mortis ever. Almost daily now the death notice has been changing, never failing to bring a grin to my face. The dead is now the undead. RIP…
Fox suck(le)s
About a month ago I was ranting about avoiding milk products. Then today I ran across another great reason to avoid milk. Check out, Got milk? Get fired. How Fox News killed the story on GM milk -- and fired the reporters who broke it.
[link via working for change]
From the 'I wish this weren't the truth' department
Web designer David Grenier's,
Phrases guaranteed to make web developers want to kill you.
A small sampling... 'I was looking at this other site and it was cool. Can you make mine look like that?' 'Can’t you just build it and I’ll write the content later?' 'I’m not sure what I want, I just want it to be cool.' 'My cousin is a webmaster. He built my band’s webpage. It looks really cool too.' Sadly every web designer has heard these requests and more. If you are/were a client of mine, know that I love/loved doing business with you and please note that Mr. Grenier's experiences don't reflect the same kind of relationship that you and I have. You should still read his article though. It's rare when you get a chance to see exactly what is at the root of anyone's particular job frustrations.

[link via netwert ideapad ]
Hot damn
BART just redesigned their site with two major improvements. One being instant access to train schedules from the front page and the second being a handy Palm sync-able rider's guide. Yeah for technology.
Delicious Debut
Grant and his new band Delicious played The Bistro in Hayward, CA on Sunday night. They rocked! Clearly they need to be playing bigger venues. Drummer Jeff needs at least a good 3 yards clear area to properly get his groove on. I need to pummel Grant into forking over one of their recordings so we can all enjoy Delicious mp3's.

Portrait of Allison and Jason with ring
[Artist: Miriam, a student in Allison's Montessori pre-school class. I am so jealous. My clients never draw me pictures.]
No eyeball soaking needed
Ah, it appears as though Maximum Strength Tylenol Sinus does in fact work. This is the first day my head has not felt to sizes too small. I am breathing normally and plan to never leave the house again without some sort of gas/pollen mask.
I have taken some of the finest over-the counter-drugs available
After a brief respite, I am now worse than ever. Sneezing, watering eyes, and that weird itch in my throat. What is up with that itch? I wish I could scratch it. My eyeballs feels so fuzzy I feel like mowing them. Mowing. That is what has gotten me in this spot in the first place. Early this week, the dull hum of a mutant bee began in my neighborhood. The groundskeepers for this development began weed whacking every piece of grass in site. I am sure that is a good thing ultimately for fire safety but for now I feel as though I have breathed it all in. On top of this we have 50 mph winds blowing in the Bay Area right now, making sure that every city has it's share of airborne pollen and irritants. The shelf at the supermarket was actually out of Visine. Guess I'm not alone. I have also received a lot of advice at a couple of family events last weekend, take this drug, take that drug. Every time I have actually …
Jacks are wild
Looks like there are a few more Jacks in this world as of late. Not just my new nephew. Jack and Jack are recent Jacks as well. Now for some Jills.
I2 Technologies Promotes Greg Brady to CEO
I always thought Greg would follow in the footsteps of his father and become an architect, especially when being Johnny Bravo didn't work out. Maybe now that he is CEO he can move out of the attic!
Pet peeve #201
People that refer to an email address or url as an 'addy'.
May Day... I repeat, May Day... our ship is taking on water.
Ok, maybe it isn't funny to emulate a distress signal but c'mon it is May 1st, May Day. Of course, May Day has always conjured up images of Russian tanks and soldiers marching around the Kremlin, for me. Red stars and cold hazy skies, with military songs playing in the background. But that was the past. That was pre-Pepsi ad with Russian kids in a grunge rock band just kickin' it. Not a care in their minds about communism, they just wanted sugar water man, not oppresive governments. May 1st is probably different in the former Soviet Union now. They probably just order in at the Kremlin instead of having that big parade. McDonalds I bet. They probably Serbia Size it for another 39 rubles. The only songs playing in the background are old Dead Kennedy and Nirvana songs covered by those grunge rock former-commies. I bet that's there band name. The Former Commies. The only thing cold and hazy now is how a hug…