Microsoft has a sense of humor after all!
Microsoft has finally KILLED THAT STUPID PAPER CLIP!
My name is Clippy, and Office XP has me sweating (and rusting). Why? Because Office XP works so easily that it's made Office Assistants like me useless. Obsolete. And, I'm told, hideously unattractive.
This is a must see if you are a Microsoft Office user. They have even made some Flash animations about his death with Gilbert Gottfried as the voice of Clippy. Check them out here or download them here along with the,sure to be a hit song, 'It Looks Like You're Writing a Letter'.
[I know that I am buying into MS marketing hype a bit but it's just too good to pass up. I hate the damn thing.]


Jason Shellen said…
All those pages were hosted on which Microsoft didn't care to renew. Hit the Wayback Machine to see the old versions of the site.

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