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New sidewalk art for the Blogger fans
Blogger Template Design Contest
I have been working on this for a few weeks and am happy with the amount of prizes that we were able to round up. There is some great stuff from DreamHost, Macromedia, and New Riders. If you are an HTML guru this one's for you. Good luck.
I think I used to work for them
While doing a little research on corporate instant messenging clients I found a link to this company on the Lotus Unified Messaging site. Cycos. They are a German company and they are Cycos. Hmm, someone should drop them an email. And I thought I was having trouble coming up with a company name. An aside, Lotus still uses frames on their site. Linking to pages in their site is horrid and provides for a very 1998 look. I wonder why these guys are losing to other players in the enterprise space?
The Beginning of 'The End'
Ev and a few other hooligans (myself included), are tracking The End of Free. Oh come on, you knew BMW's didn't grow on trees.
Always a sucker for a good headline
C'est What? Miss France's Gender Questioned
Wrong again
Someone just called my business line asking for 'Bastard Convalescent Home'. I should think not.
Fank You
Well damn. It seems that every time I get an idea to do something fun with this site I have been beaten to the punch. A while ago I had something called the Lexicon running on this site. It was a place that you could upload words that were slang or made up words that you wanted to share. I pulled it down to improve the database but never got around to it. Enter the PSEUDOdictionary. This is the place where all of your made up words, slang, webspeak and colloquialisms become part of the dictionary as well. we take the words you use every day, but aren't in the dictionary, and put them into ours. all you have to is submit them. you'll even get credit and a link to your website (if you've got one). help us grow our dictionary by sending us your entries now! everyday more entries are added, so check back often. I have already entered a few. If you can't beat 'em, join em. Now go check it out, I need to get back to my yuppie gunfight. [link via kottke, yes aga…
April Showers bring Hay Fever
Whilst I am sure you need them, I am not fond of my sinuses and would like to have them removed. I would also like to have some sort of plexiglass installed over my eyes to perhaps ward off the itchy, sneezy feeling I am having all the time now. I now look forward to late September when this should all go away.
All generalizations are false, including this one. Henry David Thoreau from Walden Pond
What broadband was meant for...
I have always appreciated the stick figure art form. I know that's odd because I was an art major and spent a lot of time drawing the human form, but there is something elegant in a well done stick figure animation in particular. Check out this half-video game half-matrix stick figure battle.
[Link via kottke]
I dare you
First person to point me to a reasonably priced wireless web connection for Palm or laptops wins a kiss full on the lips (or my respect and admiration.) Reasonably priced means under $30 a month. I dare you.
So that's a relief...
In a lot of the business development stuff that I am involved with, I have to do a lot of keeping my mouth shut. I hear about new products months in advance. Huge deals that will be amazing if (and when) they are completed. Worst of all, I can't write about this stuff. Geez, it's what I do on this little digital notepad of mine. So... last Friday, I got to spill that I am working with Evan on some exciting new Blogger products, business deals and partnerships and today, I get to tell you that Blogger should be around for a long time. Viva la blogger!
The cat is out of the bag.
If you have partnership inquiries for Blogger/Pyra, please contact me through my jason at pyra dot com email address. Thanks.
Microsoft has a sense of humor after all!
Microsoft has finally KILLED THAT STUPID PAPER CLIP!My name is Clippy, and Office XP has me sweating (and rusting). Why? Because Office XP works so easily that it's made Office Assistants like me useless. Obsolete. And, I'm told, hideously unattractive. This is a must see if you are a Microsoft Office user. They have even made some Flash animations about his death with Gilbert Gottfried as the voice of Clippy. Check them out here or download them here along with the,sure to be a hit song, 'It Looks Like You're Writing a Letter'.
[I know that I am buying into MS marketing hype a bit but it's just too good to pass up. I hate the damn thing.]
Holy cow (pun intended...although not appreciated I am sure)
Hi kids. I have long held the theory that cows milk is really meant for baby cows. Call me crazy but same with humans right? Mother's mik is meant for baby humans. Well I am not the only one it appears who feels this way. Run do not walk over to Not Milk?. It is an interesting take on the state of milk consumption in America as it relates to allegies, disease and in some cases death. The least you can do is check it out for yourself before you call me a black helicopter seeing, grassy knoll hunting, conspiracy theorist. Although just between you and me JFK told me over coffee and Ding Dongs that he and Elvis know where the REAL Area 51 is. Really!
For a while now in the housing development where Allison and I live, we have noticed an interesting anomaly. There is a realtor by the name of Bob Baptiste in these parts. In fact, he represented the seller of our home. We worked with of course, a buyer's agent and never met Bob.Fast forward a year or two and pretty much every house in the development has been bought or sold. Within that time span, almost all sold by Bob Baptiste. In fact, houses that are not offered by Bob Babtiste are 'slow to move', ' have trouble grabbing buyers', and are 'burned to the ground'. Ok, got caught up in the story with that last line. In any case, Allison or I have never met, seen, or spoken to Bob in this time. We see his face on business cards, flyers, mailings, the side of those 'HOME OPEN' signs but no Bob!Then it dawns on us. Maybe there is no Bob Baptiste. Maybe this is like in the Princess Bride with Dread Pirate Roberts! Could this be Dread Pirate …
Kettle Corn = the new crack [side note: While hunting for a link for kettle corn, I stumbled onto Looks like the guy or gal is selling his kettle corn business for $130,000. Sound silly? Try some and I think you will be pondering taking him up on the offer.]
Unprotected? That hertz!
If you are in California and receive a power bill then you probably know that you are part of an energy block. Thusly, you can tell if they are going to shut off power to your neck of the woods. I was previously under protection from rolling blackouts by being a Block 50 customer. This means that I was part of the block that is close to a hospital, fire or police station and was deemed too critical to flip off willy-nilly. I am a legitimate Block 50 customer, a block and a half away is a fire station. However, this month my bill shows that I have been switched to Block 7. I should now expect the same treatment as the rest of the state. I am not too alarmed but, I wonder if my fire station got the same news?
Worst friend ever
I am currently in the running for worst friend ever. Current email subject lines and voicemail from good friends sound like this: What's up man?!I know your really busy but...Um. Did you get my earlier message...Hello!? I have all kinds of things in the hopper right now and will respond to all of my email and voicemail soon... sorry for the delay. You will be returned to your regularly scheduled Jason soon.
My fingers were crossed
Maybe Bush would apologize if someone told him he didn't really have to "mean it". I posted a few reasons why China might deserve an apology here.