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Where's the rest of your hat?
The other day on the way back from the Reel Big Fish concert, Grant and I were trying to remember the name of an old Western spoof that we had seen with John Astin of Addams Family fame. We racked our brains (and annoyed the ladies in the car) as we recited lines from the movie but couldn't remember the title. The funniest line is a part where one of the characters is annoyed with the size of someones hat. He just says (in a very funny voice) "Where's the rest of your hat? Go on, get the rest of your hat." It still makes me laugh thinking about how one would go about adding on to a hat that had a small brim. Anyway the whole point of this is that good old IMDB to the rescue and the movie in question is... Evil Roy Slade. Turns out it was made post-Blazing Saddles (also good) in 1972 as a TV movie but has had a cult following for years. It's one of those movies with 800 cameos. Grant told me the other day that he has a copy of E…
Return of the Guitar and more...
So lots of stuff going on.... item one, I am the featured DJ over at this week. If you want to give it a listen and hopefully a favorable rating click here. It's not for the faint of heart, some of the artists use words that I don't choose to sing at high volumes. As Dave Barry says in his book Big Trouble " I did not necessarily want the characters to use this type of language; some of them just went ahead and did. That's how some characters are." This also coincides with the redesign of a little side project I have going called musicrag. I started it a few months back but haven't had time to give it all my loving. Now that it has been redesigned I hope to be publishing over there more and more. If you are interested in finding any of the music from The Show, I have posted the set list and links over at musicrag. Mainly musicrag is a place for some friends and I to post our rock interviews, pictures, and other goo…
Funny thing about this page...
It is sometimes a place for me to rant about the latest in web technology or some kind of new gadget, client, job or interesting news tidbit. Sometimes this space is used to let my carbon based friends know what I did last weekend, or for the casual surfer to find out what a 27 year old married guy out in California does with his time. Of all the community sites I have been involved with nothing has been quite as remarkable as the little phenomenon that began with Jack last Thursday. Family and friends from all over the globe reading this little corner of the web. Quite a thrill. The 50 to 100 of you who stopped by in this time have been more exciting than the 100,000 a month I used to get over at another little site. It's rare that I know personally all the visitors to this web site. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for all the email to Taylor and Theresa, little Jack and the rest of our family. Ok, as Grant said on his si…

Day 3 for Jack Taylor Shellen

Allison, I and the rest of the family spent most of tonight holding, talking about, or gazing at the new kid. Peggy, Theresa's younger sister, flew up from San Diego to see her new nephew and brought her new little guy Thomas up as well. He is an adorable preview of what Jack will look like in about 2 1/2 months. Good thing he was there too or there would have been fisticuffs over who gets to hold the baby. Always carry a spare I say. This being Jack's first day home from the hospital it was again documented by the paparazzi. I am pretty beat so you'll have to wait for the next batch but the picture below was too good to pass up.

Jack and Taylor see eye to eye

cutest baby ever!

Newest Shellen!
That's right. My brother Taylor and his wife Theresa are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy! Jack Taylor Shellen. For more pictures and all the good details go to Jack's own site. By the way, if you have been calling your child 'The cutest child in the world' it's time to pass the mantle along to Jack. You can have it back the next time you have a child. This is one cute baby. He's doing very well, looks really healthy and had so many well wishers in the recovery room you would think he was going to be the next king of england. (He could be a future ASP World Champion if Taylor has his way.) God bless you Jack from your new Aunt and Uncle. (I'm an uncle now! Woo hoo!) P.S.: Taylor left me a great voicemail on my cell phone while Allison and I were nearing the hospital. He was trying to keep the baby's sex a secret and it's funny. Hit play below to hear it. [If that doesn't work, click here.]

Mini Me
So my youngest brother, Grant, has been toiling away in the subfolder of /grant/ for some time now. He is the only other Shellen who has updated their blog since 2000 and for that he has finally received the much asked for redesign. Grant is a funny dude and writes in a sarcastic tone that I enjoy, but will dearly miss if 'The Man' breaks him down at the Cal Poly School of Journalism to which he has been accepted. Nice work slugger.


Poppin' fresh ideas
For the record I was about a week away from putting this up on in some form or other but these guys beat me to it. Anyway, check out the Halfbakery. Home for half baked ideas.
[Link via Little Green Footballs]


Saturday was a gorgeous action-packed day and rather than describe it in full detail I'll just give you the blistering day via url's (for now):
10:45 amSuperCuts11:30 amStarbucks1:00 pm360 degree Burritos1:30 pmBest Buy1:45 pmOld Navy5:30 pmChevy's + Pacifico6:15 pmBart7:30 pmBill Graham Civic Center for the Yahoo! Outloud Concert with Ozma, The Get Up Kids, and Weezer! 11:30 pmBart1:15 amKrispy Kreme Right now I'll just say that it's nice to act like your 19 again when your really not every once in a while. It just requires a lot of recovery sleep.
Happy St.Patrick's Day
This is the first time...
Never done this before, I just sent an email to someone. Got it in my inbox 3 minutes later. Checked the address to see if it had bounced. Nope sent it to myself. I'm pretty tired having pulled some long hours for multiple clients these days. I need some sleep. The only nice thing is that I figured out how I can use a browser sniffer to deliver a different CSS stylesheet to


Et tu Brutus?
Watch your back if you are a corrupt Roman emperor today. You have been warned.


Just when I started thinking CSS was almost ready for prime time, I opened the great new CSS resource at wearing the wrong browser. Netscape 4.08. Blech! The pic on the left is what ensued.
March Madness
I am just mildly perturbed. Not very mad yet. I'll give it another day or two.


Absolutely buried
Instead of reading this site today, I suggest taking a headline from CNN and making fun of it yourself for a change. Throw in a line about George W or how the internet has gone to seed or how you are sure glad to that you don't live in the UK or Argentina right now. C'mon. You can do it. Just go ahead and post it in the comments section right there. Thanks, your saving me a lot of trouble today.

pay to play

Guess the Brinks truck will stop pulling up to my house to deliver large bags of money
Effective March 13, 2001, at 12 a.m. (PST), the Affiliate Program will be terminated until further notice.
Aluminum Foil Mountain
Wow, two of my oldest friends have just been 'restructured' by DSL hardware maker Copper Mountain Networks. No this is not a good thing. This isn't the Million Dollar Man kind of 'restructuring'. They no longer have jobs. Mike moved down to San Diego to work for CMTN. Matt has been with them for over 2 years, a long time these days. If anyone needs a Tech Support Engineer in SD or a great sales guy in the Bay Area let me know and I would be happy to put you in touch. Best of luck guys.

amazing discoveries week on

Amazing discoveries week on continues...
Hi kids. Today brings another geeky goody and a correction. Coffee Cup Software, makers of the web cam software I use on this site, have just introduced Free Viewer Plus v.2.5. Not only is this free, but also a viewer and plus. But seriously, FVP is great. You can open an image in a Windows directory and then tell it to view forward or backward in the directory like a deck of cards but with your images. It has an image slicer and a direct FTP tool that lets you upload any image just by right clicking and telling it the directory on the server to send it to. Although the HTML gallery creation tool is a hard one to beat as well, it still has a few kinks to work out. But the most remarkable feature yet is the right click preview. That's right any GIF, JPG, BMP, and even PSD files will now show you a thumbnail image upon right clicking on it. If you are like me you grab images all day long off the web and have a very cluttered look…


California Energy Bill Blues
Weren't these supposed to be lower this month?

aerons anyone

The funniest thing I have seen this week (Geek confirmation part II)
As some of you may know the infamous Pud has started a live cam and chat room on his infamous site. He asked if anyone wanted to see his Aeron collection tonight. Here is the image. Ouch.

how do i love thee...

Allaire Homesite 4.5.2, how do I love thee?
Let me count the ways. If you read this and know me personally, then this is just going to be one more thing that will confirm in your mind that I am a web geek. To continue reading will hurt your eyes and maybe your head as well. If you came here from elsewhere, then you are just as big a web geek as I and will want to lavish me with gifts for pointing this out. When one converts a document in Word 2000 via the 'Save as web page' function, it doesn't do such a great job. It's funny because Word 97 did an ok job, but Word 2000 just adds all this new code to your document, making it bloated and supposedly editable on the web. This is pretty bogus because you have to run something called Office Server Extentions or some such nonsense for you and your workgroup to even use this, but I digress. Anyway, the HTML editing tool that I use every day is called Homesite 4.5.2. It has a little documented feature that I just found call…


XFL anyone?
Last chance to see the inaugural season of the SF Demons. My cousin, Mark, writes that he has extra tickets to the Sunday, 3/11 Demons game. Email me, if you would like more info.

the new crack

The new crack Brilliant.

going down

Que pasa?
Signs that your electronic audiobook delivery site is seriously flawed: A global search for "learn spanish" , "speak spanish", or "how to speak" turns up 0 matches. Clicking on "self development" and picking the "how to" category pulls up 10 titles alphabetically with a note at the bottom saying "1 to 10 of 475 titles" with an arrow. Titles are offered in Real Media and Windows Media Format only, not in MP3. It's time to call Peter's new company for some information architecture help. Unless it's too late.

The Mexican

Movie Review: The Mexican¤¤¤¤¤
I was expecting a bit more action from the few trailers I had seen but despite first appearances The Mexican turns out to be on the funnier side of things. Brad Pitt, as Jerry, does a great job of being a dazed and confused kind of soul with all the right intentions and two left feet. I have read a few reviews that have been harsh on his performance, but I thought he did an outstanding job as the ugly American. Believable and in my opinion has learned quite a bit from mentor Robert Redford. Jerry and Sam, Roberts character, are quibbling throughout the movie. Sam spews psychobable much of the time with Jerry trying to process what she means and deciding how best to ease her concerns. A decent poke at relationship therapy. The scenery was a throwback to some of the gunslinger flicks from the 1970's and was shot with an intentional timeless quality (save the 2001 VW Beetle product placement). A brief aside, do they really still make Tab Cola? …

april 1st

Note to self
Begin plotting April Fools pranks. You only have a month. Part 2: Purchase Post-It notes to avoid having to post personal notes in public.

dad again

Dad in the backcountry of Solvang, CA at the Solvang Prelude Bike Ride.
Nov 6, 2000