Caffeine + fiend = Caffiend

I haven't had coffee in about a month. My drink of choice is a non-fat double latte with sugar in the raw. It normally costs about as much as lunch at a fast food joint. I should really quit for good and buy myself a houseboat with the savings.

When I got sick before Christmas I stopped drinking coffee and started drinking teas that have cute, puffy names to soothe my throat. Names like "Lemon Lift", "Orange Herbal Essence", and "Sleepytime Tea". I am slowly making the switch over to more manly sounding tea names before I make the switch back to coffee. I am drinking "Earl Grey", "Darjeeling" and "English Teatime". That last one doesn't quite have that manly quality to it. I am going to rename it "British Conquest of the Americas" or "Redcoat Revelry". In any case, I feel like a smoker that knows they need to quit but can't because they are fully addicted.

Attention large drug companies, how about a patch for coffee drinkers? You may call it CaffeidermTM. Sign me up for the clinical trial. Quick.

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