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Peace out double oh, Hello aught one!
I have been giving the New Year a thought. 2001. I hear folks saying "oh one" and it sounds pretty drab. I was hoping you would join me in getting folks to revive the language of the old frontier as illustrated by an episode of The Simpson's*. Bart: That ain't been popular since aught six, dagnab it.
Homer: Bart, what did I tell you?
Bart: No talking like a grizzled 1890s prospector...consarn it. As a grizzled 1990s webhead, I hope you join me in calling this year "aught one", dagnab it! [*From Homer's Barbershop Quartet]
Lack of movement
To everyone who has called or emailed or tried to get in touch with me for the last few days, all apologies. I am very sick in bed with the flu or something. I am taking antibiotics and had a fever of 102 last night. I am sure I will be back to normal soon, but I may not respond to you before the new year. High fevers make for interesting dreams though, I must say. Goodnight.
Merry Christmas!

A switch from reading the Onion
Check out this sad tale of Silicon Alley doom and gloom. If you switch some of the people and company names this goes from fiction to being pretty damn close to actual fact.
Ten things you never hear people say... That extra lane they spent $5 million on has cut my commute in half! I am glad we elected So-and-So. He/she has made such a difference. I wish Microsoft made every piece of software, then everything would work well together. These hundred dollar bills make great kindling. My car? Yeah, it really never gives me any trouble. I just keep it charged and she gives me 500 - 600 miles. I don't have enough magazine subscriptions. I wish someone would send me an offer to take up a new magazine. It's like that company forgot about me. I bought 1 item from them in 1997 and I have never seen an email from them since. My cellphone works really well. I never have trouble getting a signal. It's just like a land line. Computer? No thats OK, I have this pencil. My dentist recommended that I drink more soda.
I've been meaning to tell you...
I took a look at some of my archived writings from the past couple of months, and it occurs to me that for the most part I don't talk about my weekends. Yesterday, for example I linked to some dumb thing that Alicia Silverstone said rather than talk about the last 72 hours of my life. And now I will contradict myself. Last Friday after having a pint in SF with an old friend that turned into a couple of pints and then dinner with a lot of people I don't know, I woke early on Saturday to go surfing in Santa Cruz with Ben. The surf was pretty flat so we headed down the coast to Manresa where we paddled and paddled and paddled and paddled and pretty much turned around and got out. Still, it was the maiden voyage for both of our boards and both of us vowed to go to GNC and begin lifting weights and ingesting metabolic steroids due to our pitiful performances. On the way home everyone in the Bay Area forgot how to drive in the rain (as happens …
Run that by me again....
"I think that [the film] 'Clueless' was very deep. I think it was deep in the way that it was very light. I think lightness has to come from a very deep place if it's true lightness." Alicia Silverstone is this years winner of the Plain English Campaign's Foot in Mouth Award with the statement above. How about a moratorium on actors and actresses talking off screen?
Remember when offline publications used to die?
Last year I wrote a few articles for a local music magazine called "Vamp". My interview with jazz guitarist Charlie Hunter done for MusicianReview was reprinted by Vamp as well as a few others. I wondered why I hadn't heard from the editor in a while. That is until I found this on creative director, Mike Bohatch's site: "VAMP Magazine had a run of 10 issues between the years of 1999 -2000. Promoted as the Bay Area's premier leading music magazine resource for local music, artists and events. VAMP featured monthly showcases of national and local Bay area acts as well as in-depth current reviews on shows....Due to format changes and a move into Surf and Skate, Vamp suffered the ill-fated publication death." Guess I should have used the full page ad the editor promised me a few issues ago. The editor actually told me once "Yeah, I don't have an email address 'cause it's gotten me in trouble…
Fortune Cookie wisdomFind release from your cares, have a good time Always good advice in my mind. Could my fortune cookie have know that I just bought a Pearson Arrow Classic 9' single fin surfboard that I plan to christen this weekend?


From the inc article about Blogger... "Plenty of Web sites, such as and the Drudge Report, are fundamentally little more than Web logs." The only difference I see is that I read personal web logs much more on a daily basis than I do either of the two mentioned above. Plus the folks above have book deals and I do not. Yet I am open to the possibility, I might add.
Still here...
How about we start taking bets on whether I actually go to Asia or not?
International travel this week... or not?
You: So you are leaving for Korea and Hong Kong tomorrow?
Me: Not so much. Yes, my trip has been "put on hold". Let's see if this gets pushed out till sometime convenient, like the week of Christmas.
Power to the people
In case you haven't noticed I added a discussion feature to each post. That means if you are a raving lunatic and want to lambast me in front of my own weblog readers you can fire away. Hopefully though it will spark interesting conversation or feedback on posts to this site.... c'mon it could happen. This feature is brought to you by Blogvoices, not affiliated with Pyra or Blogger who will have their own discussion feature soon. Tell me how you like it. I have heard a few rumblings about downtime and the feature not working for days at a time but I thought we would give this a shot. Rave on, lunatics.